Root Users Can Now Play Pokémon Go Without Toggling Root On And Off

Root Users Can Now Play Pokémon Go Without Toggling Root On And Off
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Pokemon Go users with a rooted Android device must have heard that the 0.37 update disabled the game on devices with custom software and/or root access. Android Police made a guide on how to avoid the SafetyNet check that Android Pay and Pokemon Go use with Magisk, but after a certain time, it might get annoying after constantly toggling root on and off. However, now, there is an app that allows users to launch those apps without the root toggle.

An app to dodge Google’s SafetyNet

AutoMagisk disables Magisk Manager’s root toggle when the user opens certain apps and re-enables roots when they exit those apps. AutoMagisk was created by developer Kieron Quinn, who is also known as Mighty Quinn Apps and Quinny898, says Android Police. A user will need to have Magisk and phh’s SuperUser installed on an unmodified system to use the app.

After installing it, AutoMagisk is quite easy to use. The user just needs to enable the accessibility service for it and let it obtain root access through the prompts that pop up. After that, the user can choose the apps they would like to disable SafetyNet for. If AutoMagisk detects that Android Pay and Pokémon Go are installed on the user’s device, then they are cleverly pre-checked, and so are a number of banking apps that use SafetyNet, notes Android Police.

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A notification which pops up when Android Pay or Pokemon Go is launched informs the user that the root has been disabled. The user can choose to disable this in the settings, where they can disable lock screen notifications and root as well when the screen is off. This app will work on any device compatible with Magisk.

AutoMagisk has not been made available on the Play Store because it dodges Google’s SafetyNet. However, it is available on Google Drive (AutoMagisk 1.0) and APKMirror (AutoMagisk 1.0). Reddit users are quite satisfied with the app, notes Android Police.

New features coming to Pokemon Go

In other Pokemon Go news, Niantic CEO John Hanke discussed some new features with TechCrunch editor Greg Kumparak at Disrupt, and VentureBeat posted the entire transcript of the discussion on its website. Kumparak asked about player-versus-player Pokemon battles.

Hanke replied, “Battling is something we talk a lot about.”

He added that the battle may make its way onto the road map, but he does not have a specific date. Next, the editor broached the subject of “more Pokemon,” to which Hanke said that there are around 700 Pokémon in the Pokémon universe, and it has always been their intent to introduce more Pokemon into the experience gradually.

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