Sparoma Home Indoor Air Quality Monitor – Simple, Reliable and Affordable

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The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic last year highlighted the importance of indoor air quality (IAQ) monitors. These monitors can’t tell if you have any such viruses in your home, but they do help you in leading a healthier life.

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Why Do You Need an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitor?

On average, people spend about 90% of their time inside their homes, so it is very important that the indoor air quality is healthy. However, researchers have shown that most homes have at least one type of indoor air quality issue. This issue could be due to excessive dust, high humidity, or emissions from household appliances or building materials.

Such things can go undetected if you don’t have an IAQ monitor, and in the long-term, may result in allergy-like symptoms or more dramatic health effects. For those with existing breathing issues or underlying lung disease, having a reliable air quality monitor is even more important. Frequent headaches, dry throat and more are considered as symptoms of bad air quality.

One simple, valid and convincing reason to own an air quality monitor is that unless you don’t know the quality of air inside your home (or office), you can’t take proper corrective actions. These corrective actions could include finding and fixing any opening in your home, using an air purifier, relocating temporarily and more. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that an air quality monitor is the first step in gaining control of your indoor air quality.

By now, you should have realized the importance of having an indoor air quality monitor – good! But that's only half the work done. You now need to find a reliable air quality monitor. I believe that a reliable air quality monitor is one that provides you with sufficient data to investigate and eliminate issues with the air quality.

Sparoma IAQ Monitor – What Makes It Better?

Over the past couple of months, I tested quite a few indoor air quality monitors, but found Sparoma’s indoor air quality detector to be the best. There are primarily two reasons for this choice – it is reliable, as well as easy on the pocketbook.

This IAQ monitor automatically keeps track of CO2 levels, humidity, temperature and other relevant parameters. What makes this air quality monitor reliable is that it uses advanced NDIR (Non-Dispersive Infrared sensors). It is considered to be the most reliable method for detecting CO2 (and I found the same during testing).

Another plus point of this gadget is that it comes with a rechargeable battery to ensure uninterrupted monitoring for about 22 hours. To recharge it, you will need a 5V/1A adapter, which isn’t included with the pack.

This IAQ monitor is equipped with 3 LED color panels that display real-time data. Moreover, it emits a special warning tone when the air quality deteriorates (CO2 > 1500 ppm). On a daily basis, this warning serves as a sign that you need to take corrective action, such as turn on the air purifier, or open the windows to let in some fresh air.

Additionally, Sparoma’s AIQ monitor is portable (5.1 ounces), making it easy to carry around, including for checking the air quality of your car. It is very easy to set up, and its "TUYA Smart" app is easy to navigate as well. It can store up to 2 years of data. You can even share the air quality data with friends and family, as well as making it easy to track the real-time air quality of the baby room and greenhouse.

You get all these features (and much more) at just $129.99. You can visit to know more about this product and to buy it.

The company was kind enough to send me a free unit in return for an honest review.