Smart Invert Dark Mode For iOS 11: How To Enable This New Feature

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For as long as we can remember iPhone and iPad users have been crying out for a Dark Mode. Not content with their devices night time abilities, they wanted a better way to be able to check last minute messages. This would enable them to go to bed with the peace of mind that, they are not missing anything. Fortunately, hidden within the settings of the new iOS 11 Beta is a kind of Dark Mode. However, Apple prefers to refer to it as a Smart Invert Dark Mode, here’s how to enable it. Plus everything else you need to know.

Smart Invert Dark Mode

So, is this really a Dark Mode? Unfortunately, no, instead it’s kind of an Apple make do solution. Now, if you have been using an iOS device for some time, you may have come across the term “Invert” before. That’s because it is part of previous firmware’s accessibility options, and gives a user screen changing options. However, as we touched on above, iOS owners have wanted an actual Dark Mode, but that hasn’t materialized. Instead, we have Smart Invert Dark Mode, which bridges the gap doing basically the same thing, but there are differences.

What’s New?

Buried within iOS 11’s Settings app, is the new Smart Inver option, it replaces the older Invert Colors option. As for what else has changed, where the older version would make everything look like a negative. Meaning that colors would become washed out, blacks would become white, white to black, etc. This new Smart Invert Dark Mode does almost the same but tries to be gentler on your eyes.

Additionally, you will find that images and app icons won’t have their colors altered. However, it’s possible that some things like album art and the Siri interface may still be affected, Is this the final version? We doubt it, when the iPhone 8 launches in September, we expect Apple to have refined Smart Invert Dark Mode.

How To Enable Smart Invert Dark Mode

As this is a tutorial, it is advised that you read, understand and complete each step individually. Doing so has been proven over time to reduce the chance of mistakes from happening.

1. With your iPhone or iPad switched on, and the Home Screen visible. Go to Settings >> General >> Accessibility >> Display >> Invert Colors.

2. Next tap the Smart Invert toggle, this will turn it green, meaning it is on.

And that’s it! You have successfully enabled Smart Invert Dark Mode on your iPhone or iPad. What are the benefits of this, well to start with you can now safely browse the web, watch videos, in fact, do almost anything. Meaning, that you can be safe in the knowledge that, you will suffer from less eyes strain.

As for turning it off, you just have to follow the tutorial again, but, instead of tapping to switch on, tap to turn off.

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