Six Post-Covid Corporate IT Trends

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Before planning for new technology upgrades or further cloud migrations, it’s critical to understand the IT market. There are 6 corporate IT trends that are actively influencing every organization’s IT budget today.

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Corporate IT Trends

  1. IT Structure: On-Prem Networks To Software As A Service (SAAS)

Instead of having IT managed at the office site, businesses purchase software that is delivered fully online and managed/updated by the IT developer.

  1. Growing Software Needs: Still Finding Value In New Types Of Software

Many different types of digital applications saturate the market. Whatever type of business you have and process you need to perform, there’s an app for that.

  1. IT Platforms

IT platforms have arisen as the central base of operations for business applications to be housed in a single location(the cloud) and work together. Example: Salesforce

  1. SAAS Integration Is THE Game Changer

For software to work together in a cohesive system, integration is required to connect disparate solutions. This is designed to reduce manual labor and increase data flow.

  1. More Hidden Costs Within IT

With the rise of cloud technology and in particular software integration, there are more hidden costs with buying new technology. Integration is the main driver behind this.

  1. Rise Of The Digital/Hybrid Workplace

More offices are prioritizing remote or blended work options. Therefore, more reliance on cloud IT is inevitable and critical. More companies will invest in web-based operations.


Because remote work is here to stay, more robust tech is essential for streamlined operations. Regardless of this, concentrating on migrating to the cloud is your best option for heightened efficiency and effectiveness. Don’t undermine this by overstretching your IT budget with IT expenses and poor software. It’s important to question what you really need. Imagine what success looks like for your IT, and execute this vision. This begins with understanding where cost pitfalls are.

About the Author

Tony Zorc is the author of Iconoclasm: A Survival Guide In The Post-Pandemic Economy. He is a tech entrepreneur and founder of Accounting Seed. Zorc designed a flexible technology as an accounting software solution and his vision became the platform for his international company, which has sold over 15,000 licenses to customers in numerous industries. In 2018, Accounting Seed was named among CFO Tech Outlook’s Top 10 Accounting Solutions Providers. A graduate of Hope College, Zorc was the Illinois High School Gymnastics Coaches Association senior gymnast of the year in 1992 and a state champion.