Seth Klarman On Best Books To Read To Become A Better Investor

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Dont think anyone has “discovered” this interview yet – Seth Klarman talks with Baltimore Polytechnic Institute Alumni Association BPIAA 2017 Distinguished Alumni Honoree Video: Seth & Michael Klarman it was uploaded by the school on December 15 2017 and took place in May of 2017 it seems

Yes they brothers!

Here is the paragraph on reading he does not mention any specific names :( but you can see prior ones he mentioned here  Seth Klarman’s Recommended Books For Investors

And Amazon List

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You only can build a successful firm with a tremendous amount of hardwork surrounding yourself with fantastic people. I’ve been really blessed to be able to do that delegating a lot of responsibility to those people and having a firm culture and values of putting the clients first which is something we’ve prided ourselves on from day one. We wish it weren’t didn’t form our business to make a profit. We formed our business to store the clients capital and yes we make a profit but that was not the intention of the firm the intention was the clients help to start the business because they wanted their capital managed well. So it’s a great great vision that’s come come to fruition over 35 years which is what kind of books do you read? My whole life I’ve been a reader and I think there are probably multiple reasons but I’m curious. I want to know how things work and even more importantly I want to know what’s going to happen and what’s going to happen is often related to what has happened. I read history I read psychology and read finance and business. I read a lot of biography. I’m drawn to anything that makes me a better person. Makes me a better investor. Makes me a better philanthropist or just makes me more knowledgeable about the world.

Video and informaltranscript below

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we come here to meet two polygraphs 2017 distinguished alumni honorees brothers who a Baltimore bred and both at the top of their game. One teaches law at the one and only Harvard University. He is Michael Klarman a civil rights scholar with degrees from Oxford and Stanford with a half a dozen books in print and the other is based in downtown Boston.

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