A Set Of Google Pixel 4 Images May Have Leaked

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The Google Pixel 4 isn’t expected to be released until October, but that hasn’t kept the leaks from coming in fast and furious. Now a set of alleged Google Pixel 4 images seems to have leaked. Of course, we would take this leak with a grain of salt like always.

Are these Google Pixel 4 images?

GSMArena shared the alleged Google Pixel 4 images, citing Twitter tipster Shivam Pandya. It’s unclear where he got the images. The device shown in the images is in a bulky case seemingly designed to hide as much of the design as possible. However, one thing that is clear in the alleged Google Pixel 4 images is the hole-punch in the top-right corner of the display. The hole seems to have enough room for a dual-lens selfie camera.

The chin on the device is also much smaller than the one on previous Pixel models. Thus, the bezel is too small to house a speaker on the front, although there appears to be a down-firing speaker next to it. The four bezels on the device appear similarly sized, which is interesting because it represents a departure from previous Google handsets.

The alleged Google Pixel 4 images contradict a set of renderings which supposedly leaked a short time ago. Both sets of images can’t be right, but there’s no way of knowing which are correct, if either set is. The renderings were posted by Twitter tipster @OnLeaks, and they reveal a design that’s shockingly similar to alleged iPhone 11 renderings we’ve seen. The renderings feature a square bump on the back for the camera housing and no fingerprint sensor, which suggests it has been moved under the display, as is the trend right now.

Another Google Pixel 4 leak

The folks at Unbox Therapy offered a leak of their own this week. They shared a video showing metallic mock-ups which actually back up the renderings shared by @OnLeaks, which seems to lend credence to the renderings over the Google Pixel 3 images that supposedly leaked more recently. The mockups are used by casemakers to create cases for smartphones so they’re available to purchase at the same time as the devices they are for.

Unbox Therapy said the square bump on the back of the mockup will house two camera lenses and a “spectral sensor” for another type of “imaging technique.” There were no further details.

Soli radar chip may debut in Pixel 4

We are now hearing that Google’s Project Soli radar chip might debut in the Pixel 4. XDA Developers reportedly found code which suggests the presence of a feature and sensor referred to as “Aware.” This is in line with 9to5Google‘s claim that the Project Soli chip might appear in the device. The Soli chip is designed for gesture-based controls and could open a world of possibilities for the user interface. There may even be applications for the chip that Google hasn’t publicly discussed.

XDA Developers now reports that it found references to a sensor called “Aware” in the Android Q beta. The sensor supports two new gestures called “Skip” and “Silence,” which are expected to be used to control media. The two gestures do require a component that doesn’t exist on any current Pixel model, so XDA suggests that they may be enabled on the Google Pixel 4 if the Soli chip does indeed make an appearance. Google has been demonstrating Soli since at least 2016, so it may be close to including it.

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