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Scientist Warns Humanity About The Threat From Aliens

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Are aliens real? No scientist had ever confirmed that, although various theories suggest that they are already living among us. One physicist already accused NASA of covering up evidence of aliens on Mars. Nevertheless, various scientists are offering suggestions about what humanity should do if aliens invaded Earth. The famous scientist Stephen Hawking has warned humanity about the threat from aliens many times. He believes that if any form of extraterrestrial life exists outside Earth, that our planet and civilization could be wiped out. Now, renowned theoretical physicist and futurologist Michio Kaku adds to Hawking’s warnings and warns that humans should search for another planet to live on.

Stephen Hawking was a guest of physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson on the show Star Talk, which aired on the National Geographic Channel. In an interview, he said that nothing existed before the Big Bang. He is also known for his warnings about the threat from aliens and the development of artificial intelligence.

Kaku talked about humans escaping Earth during an interview with National Geographic. During the Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) while promoting his recent book, he also stressed his concern about the rapid growth of artificial intelligence and how robots could actually pose the same danger to humanity as aliens. According to the futurist, aliens are much more advanced than humans, and humanity may not be able to survive an attack.

“They’re probably going to be thousands of years more advanced than us. They’re not going to want to plunder us for resources because there are a lot of uninhabited planets out there, like Mars, that they can plunder without having to deal with restive natives like us. The main threat is that we might be in the way. In the novel The War of The Worlds, the Martians wanted to take over the Earth not because they were evil or because they didn’t like Homo sapiens,” said Kaku, according to National Geographic.

According to him, humans will need to colonize another planet, possibly Mars, if they want to survive the potential threat from aliens. Kaku also tackled the topic of global warming, the advent of a new Ice Age, nuclear war, the death of the sun, and impacts from massive asteroids.

According to National Geographic, Kaku added that going to the Red Planet won’t be as easy as going to the moon. He said that it will take more than nine months to arrive at Mars. He also said that travelers will need to wait another few months for Earth and Mars to realign and another nine months for a return home.

Michio Kaku also talked about laser porting during the interview. He said that if laser porting really gets developed, humans would be capable of traveling to the moon in a second and get to Mars in 20 minutes. The human brain has huge potential, and once humans understand that, they can easily develop a laser port themselves and use it to explore any distance on our mind.

“Many nations, including the U.S., have said that the brain is the key to understanding mental health, depression, and suicide. All that could perhaps be unravelled if we understand the connectome, which is a map of the entire brain. We expect to have this perhaps by the end of this century,” he said.

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