Why The Samsung Galaxy X Will Be Better Than The iPhone X

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The foldable Samsung Galaxy X is nothing more than a rumor for now. We have seen patents and a whole lot of speculation but not much else. Still, it’s safe to assume that Samsung will be swinging for the fences with this launch and a lot of people, myself included, believe the Galaxy X will be better than the iPhone X.

“How can you possibly make a claim like that without knowing anything about the device?”

I know. I’m getting dangerously close to blind fanboyism here but perhaps I can explain my thinking and how I arrived at that claim. Let’s take a look at why the Samsung Galaxy X will be better than the iPhone X.

More Screen, Less Footprint

With smartphones becoming the most popular devices to enjoy media on, people want more screen real estate to enjoy that media. However, you can only go so big before you’re carrying around a tablet. Obviously, stuffing a tablet in your pocket isn’t an appealing solution to those that want a lot of screen as well as the portability of a smartphone. So, how do you get a lot of display into one small package? You fold it! Of course, if you fold your existing iPhone or Galaxy S device then you won’t be very happy with the results so we need a new, foldable device that maximizes screen real estate while still giving us a small package we can carry around in our pockets.

This is where the Galaxy X will put itself above every other device on the market including the iPhone X. People will be able to enjoy a huge display while also enjoying the comfort and convenience of a smartphone-sized device when folded up. I love to travel and here’s what I pack along with me for tech stuff: my smartphone, my tablet, and my laptop. Not much different than most people. Still, if I could stop carrying around a tablet on top of my smartphone and laptop then I would be a happy traveler. Also, I would get through security much faster.

New, Innovative Features

The foldable Galaxy X device will likely be the biggest innovation in smartphone design we have seen in a long time. Bezel-less devices are all the rage right now but are they really all that different from phones that are a year or two old? Not in my eyes. Don’t get me wrong; bezel-less devices look a lot better than device with big, fat bezels. However, slimming down bezels is not exactly huge, groundbreaking innovation. It’s a natural progression.

A folding smartphone where the display can bend? That’s real innovation! It’s like marrying the portability of a flip phone with the features of modern smartphones while somehow keeping a seamless finish and not making it look like garbage. Quite the accomplishment in my books.

Android Paired With Foldable Display

This is not a knock against iOS and I am not wading deeper into the iOS vs Android debate. I just wanted to get that out of the way before I make my point. Android, for all its flaws, is known for being much more flexible, open, and free. Can you imagine the cool applications that a foldable display could be used for? The possibilities are endless and I would rather see the first foldable display in an Android device than an iOS device simply because the potential will be better used in Android.

Samsung Is Taking Cameras Seriously

Apple has been the king of smartphone cameras for the last couple years. With rumors about the Galaxy S9 camera we can only assume that Samsung would put many of the same features into the Galaxy X. Along with having an innovative foldable display, the Galaxy X could also sport one of the best cameras available on a smartphone. If the Galaxy X is able to check off all the boxes then it will be a must buy device for people who want the best flagship on the market.

Other Surprises

There’s still a ton that we don’t know about the Samsung Galaxy X. We have an idea about the release date but no solid confirmation. We have no idea about price. We also have no idea about other new features and innovations that Samsung might pack into the device. I can’t imagine that Samsung will be cutting corners or playing it safe with their first foldable device. There will be some cool new features that will definitely give the iPhone X a run for its money.

What do you think? Is the Samsung Galaxy X going to be better than the iPhone X or is it still too early to make that call?

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