Russian Stocks – Where The Outlook is Bleakest

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Russian Stocks – Go Where the Outlook is Bleakest by CSInvesting

One of my favorite quotes, I think from @MarkYusko “Investing is the only place where when things go on sale, people run out of the store”

  1. Go Where the Outlook is Bleakest of John Templeton’s 16 Rules **
  2. The Risks of Investing in Russian Stocks
  3. Black Swans

Of course, being contrarian requires MUCH PATIENCE. See link (**) above that featured the gold market in my post of Jan. 2014.

Russian Stocks

Russian Stocks


An intelligent move: sandstorm-gold-announces a buy-back of shares after a 80% decline in shares   (the opposite of tech stocks currently buying back shares at their all-time highs after a six year move up in their stock prices)

Ghost Airports or EU Mal-investment Gone Berserk

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