Russia To Build Hundreds of Drones For Its Military By 2025

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Russia is planning to build hundreds of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones for its military by 2025, according to RIA Novosti based on information from a representative from United Industrial Defense Corporation Oboronprom.

The source said Russia plans to integrate the drones in its military to perform different functions.

“By 2025, as a result of the implementation of [new] measures, the government will get several hundred modern, Russian-made unmanned aerial vehicles [UAVs] of various types. Most of them will be drones used for short ranges, the most needed in [Russian] armed forces,” according to the source.

The state-owned defense corporation will build the drones domestically in collaboration with JSC Vegas Radio Engineering, a company expert in surveillance devices. It is still uncertain as to when Russia plans to deploy its first batch of drones.

Russia already completed R&D on drones

Andrei Shibitov, deputy head of Russian Helicopters Company, a subsidiary United Industrial Defense Corporation Oboronprom recently stated that the Russia’s Defense Ministry already ordered the tactical and technical characteristics of the new drones, which are currently under development.

We’ve done all necessary R&D work and together with the Defense Ministry, we are going to work on UAVs weighing over 750 kilograms,” said Shibitov. He added that they were working on heavier types of drones.

Earlier this year, the engineers at United Instrument Corporation, a unit of Rostec State Corporation developed a new concept for a two-ton drone, which has the ability to transport personnel, supplies, reconnaissance equipment, and onboard weapons systems.

Russia is expected to approve a prototype of the two-ton drone after conducting a series of tests this summer.

Russia aims to modernize its military existing equipment

President Vladimir Putin emphasized that one of the top priorities of Russia was the development and modernization of its existing equipment and arms for its Ground Forces.

During a meeting with senior military officials on developing the Armed Forces, Putin discussed Russia’s defense procurement program. He also noted that the military publicly showed its new hardware/tanks during the 70th Victory Day Parade. According to Putin, tactical and technical characteristics of the new military equipment surpassed foreign analogs and received high regard from military experts.

Russia plans to deploy four missile regiments on combat duty. The missile regiments will be equipped with latest weapons systems. Putin said Russia would spend trillions of rubles to modernize its military over the next decade. Kremlin’s defense spending increased to 4.2% of its GDP in 2015.

Russian intensifies military exercises

Russia is scheduled to conduct military peacekeeping and anti-terror exercises with different countries including Belarus, China, India, and Mongolia in the second-half of this year.

In February, Russia entered into negotiations with North Korea, Brazil, Cuba, and Vietnam to conduct joint naval and air force drills as well as ground troops and air assault troops. Last year, Russia and Pakistan agreed to conduct joint military exercises. The Russian government also lifted its weapons export ban on Pakistan and Iran.

Russia is focused on strengthening its military, economic, and political ties to counter NATO, which previously launched massive military drills in Europe, particularly in Estonia, Lithuania, and Norway. The military operation was called Dynamic Mongoose participated by Britain, Germany, Latvia, Poland, Sweden, and the United States.

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