NATO Launches Military Drills On Russia’s Doorstep

Russia and NATO have been flexing their military-power muscles for a while now, but this time it is something big.

NATO has launched its large-scale military drills in Europe amid growing Vladimir Putin’s military aggression.

These war games will include thousands of troops and are taking place in Estonia, Lithuania (both the Baltic states) and Norway. The operation, which is codenamed Dynamic Mongoose, involves forces from the United States, Britain, Germany, Latvia, Poland and Sweden.

NATO Launches Military Drills On Russia's Doorstep

The military drills were launched on Monday and are expected to last for two weeks. The drills will include surface vessels, aircraft, a number of radar and sonar technologies and cyber security exercises.

The Russians have increased their activity a lot and so have we,” explained the drills Kai Nickelsdorf, the commander of Germany’s U33 submarine, which is set to play the role of an enemy during the drills.

Dynamic Mongoose will have the largest ever NATO’s anti-submarine exercise, which is set to involve the Royal Navy, and is under way off the coast of Norway.

The reasons for such moves from NATO’s side are the recent reports of Russia’s growing presence at the Ukrainian-Russian border as well as the fact that a Russian warship and two bomber planes had flown close to UK territory in April.

Furthermore, we see the NATO’s response to the two-weeks old Putin’s attempts to test the British defenses. Two Russian ships, which invaded the English Channel, were ‘traveling’ along with a destroyer that was equipped with missiles, torpedoes and anti-aircraft guns. The UK immediately responded by sending its frigate in order to monitor the Russian vessels.

US Rear Admiral Brad Williamson, commander of the drills, said: “Russia has a right to be at sea, just as we do,” referring to the recent Russia’s invasion into foreign waters.

“But the incidents we have seen are not in line with international regulations and that’s been the cause of concern. This is not a response to that but provides relevance to the exercise,” Williamson said, as reported by The Telegraph.

British troops in the Baltic states

Meanwhile, British troops are taking part in the largest military drills in Estonia since the state regained its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.

British troops have joined over 7,000 local reservists in order to carry out the biggest military drills of the Baltic state.

The Baltic states are a particular concern of NATO since the Baltics could be next in Putin’s plans for a Crimea-like annexation, as David Cameron, the UK Prime Minister, warned in February.

Therefore, Britain and NATO allies are trying to help the Baltics establish some kind of safety and show that the former USSR states will be protected against any threat.

The UK, in particular, will play a lead role in a ‘high readiness’ task force in Eastern Europe, as announced by Michael Fallon, the British defense secretary, a few months ago. He promised the UK would send up to 1,000 troops and Typhoon jets as part of the operation, warning of a “real and present danger” of Russia

To prove its intentions are authentic, four British RAF Typhoons arrived in the Baltics yesterday in order to begin “air policing” in the region as part of a ‘high readiness’ NATO task force.

The warplanes were deployed from Lossiemouth, Scotland to Amari airbase in Estonia. The operation will see the RAF fighter jets working together with four Norwegian aircraft based in Lithuania, and is expected to last until the end of August.

May 9: Russia vs. NATO

Do the NATO’s maneuvers have something to do with the upcoming May 9 Victory Day parade celebration in Moscow? Is this one of the deterrents to prevent Putin from being tempted to advance further into Eastern Europe?

Having 2,000 units of military hardware and about 80,000 troops gathered in one place, it might not be the easiest task to do. Especially given the fact that this is Putin we are talking about.

The May 9 parade will see the first official appearance of Russia’s cutting-edge Armata T-14 battle tank, which features a new generation 125mm extended-length smoothbore cannon – the 2A82-1M.

This year’s World War 2 anniversary will include Cuba, the only American state to take part in the event, Brazil, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Norway, all former Soviet states in the Asia-Eurasia region, and some other countries.

“The leaders who will be with Putin on the reviewing stand will not be mere guests,” wrote the opposition magazine The New Times. “For Russians it will be a map of the world which is able to confront American diktat.”

The Arctic: US makes a move

Meanwhile, the Russian aggression continues to threaten the Arctic Council. The US has recently joined other countries in an attempt to withstand the Kremlin’s territorial claims in the Artic.

The move comes as Russia initiated its major military exercise in the Arctic over a month ago. According to the Associated Press, nearly 40,000 soldiers, 100 aircraft, 41 warships and 15 submarines would carry out military drills in order to make them combat-ready.

Furthermore, the Russians are also planning to develop Arctic rescue robots, which will be able to withstand icy cold Arctic conditions and temperatures.

However, seeing the recent fighting escalation in Ukraine as well as Russia’s constant aggression, the United States President Barack Obama administration is still uncertain about providing lethal aid to Kyiv’s government, which would help end the one-year-old conflict in Ukraine.

With the upcoming Russia’s May 9 parade, the neighboring countries are concerned about the possible attacks on their sovereignty during the celebrations. And that’s understandable.

  • ExtremeRC

    Wow. Who are you to judge others as ignorant and entitled, bullies, insecure and immoral? See? It works both ways. Don’t be a hypocrite.

    Russia is not at war with anyone??? I see you buy the Putin propaganda. The rest of the world knows better, as you should as the body bags come back to Mother Russia everyday.
    UN is a joke? I agree. But Russia is as guilty of making it so, just as China, the US and the rest. It’s time to create a UN that actually stands for justice, security and fairness.

  • csh112212

    Yea you dont want it either. And no russia and china have made no formal military alliance. Besides, Russia is not nearly as strong as they want to appear, for god sakes Italy has a bigger Navy than them. The only thing russias got is nukes and their not the only ones

  • csh112212

    the countries you listed do not account for “most of the world”. You should probably realize that most of the world is against what russia has done. They illegally annexed a territory that no longer belonged to them. Thats why their are borders. To show where ones land ends and anothers begins… Russia obviously could care less. That reminds me of someone who had done something similar back in 1939….

  • Rijomi2

    Imitation is a form of idolatry. Knee before your master Russian Troll.

  • Punkheart

    How about native americans exterminated by Americans or maybe English or maybe both?! How many millions? How convenient it is to forget your own ill deeds and suck up on somebody also. Stalin repressed 6 millions for the period of 1921 to 1954 (34 years) out of which only about 700,000 was executed, 600,000 was sent to live on a different territories and the rest got prison sentences. After his death they was paroled and returned home. However, in only 4 years, fascists killed near 28 millions people there, most of which were just women, children and old people. Do you think they deserve that? Or maybe you think that they did not even deserve to be remembered?

  • disqus_mY542gpTDo

    Obama Troll Alert Ring Ringgggggg

  • disqus_mY542gpTDo

    Dude you don’t want World War 3, China and Russia formed an alliance, the West must get away and stay in the West

  • disqus_mY542gpTDo

    Son most of the World supports Russia, you read too many American News, India, China, Iran, Lybya, North Korea formed an Alliance with Russia, You want to start World War 3 and pissed them off it will happen

  • disqus_mY542gpTDo

    Dear Vega, Maybe if your USA stop putting sanctions on Russia they wont be pissed and make threats, Maybe if USA stays in the West and mind their own business not getting into the Russia Ukraine conflict you won’t start WW3, Ukraine belongs to Russia study your history the gas and oil in Ukraine belongs to Russia, USA wants to control the whole world,

  • Punkheart

    Wow! Who are you to advice Putin and Russia to grow up? Seems to me like just another ignorant American who is so sure that he is entitled to do anything he is pleases, who is so sure that he knows everything about the other country history. And did you ask what these people in the countries you invaded (or, sorry, kept their piece) want??? By away Russia is not at war with anybody. But one is free to believe anything he or she wants, just stay on your part of the world and believe in it. That is all what is needed for the piece. UN is a joke because it takes an orders from the people like you and has no future as a piece keeper unless it starts operating with common sense looking at both sides of the medal instead of flipping it one way. And yes, America is a big guy – a big bully, the biggest in a world. We all know that bullies are just unhappy, insecure and immoral people, who put their immediate interests above anybody also. We all know that bullies don’t end up that well either. Good luck!

  • John Schwerer

    Eva, an “American State” is not a “United States State”

    When they say “Cuba is an American State” what they mean is that it is a “State” (a National area) in the Americas. NOT that it belongs to the USA.

  • ExtremeRC

    No one is a “big guy” compared to America. As the world’s preeminent superpower, it falls to us to help maintain world stability, and that can at times require force to restrain dictators and the like. Just as a state requires a police force to maintain order, so does the world, and the UN is a failure.

    No one needs to be reminded that Russia has nukes, just as America has not felt the need to remind Russia that we have the same. It’s irresponsible to threaten the use of nuclear weapons, and it speaks of insecurity. Putin and Russia need to grow up.

  • Eric Vega

    We need to UNITE to create a better world. Dear Russia and others around the world, just bc a leader can be a DB that does not mean that you are. Remember that people united have the power. Together, we have the power to make this a better planet. Don’t let a “leader” force you to kill your friends and family by going to war. Now is the time to Unite and live a life of PEACE.

  • ties

    There has been large demonstrations and riots in Kiev , against the American occupation ,and the media don’t report it. This is a civil started when America installed there new government. Which made Russia secure there 200 year old Port and military base… Russia had a agreement ,and paid rent to Ukraine…. The people of Crimea voted and partied in the streets and there was no killing ,in fact it’s now the only safe place where Poroshenko isn’t doing airstrikes or shooting missals into cities of over one million.
    The American dollar has ran it’s course , if we are in a war the American people will have there minds busy and not focus on the facts that we are ran by a group of criminals All American top leaders are not for America and the same with the EU…. Both forced to eat GMO’s from Rothschild’s Monsanto’s. Both America and the EU won’t close it’s borders to destroy our cultures and ways of life. The have 100% controlled media to run the wars and elections. Time to fix our problem , time to take back our government and make the crooks responsible for there actions. SOFT MONEY tells a lot about the condition of a country…
    The American dollar has ran it’s course , if we are in a war the American people will have there minds busy and not focus on the facts that we are ran by a group of criminals All American top leaders are not for America and the same with the EU…. Both forced to eat GMO’s from Rothschild’s Monsanto’s. Both America and the EU won’t close it’s borders to destroy our cultures and ways of life. The have 100% controlled media to run the wars and elections. Time to fix our problem , time to take back our government and make the crooks responsible for there actions. SOFT MONEY tells a lot about the condition of a country…

  • martin b

    Stop watching western media

  • onlitrade

    Are they honoring all the Russians killed by orders from Stalin? Oh, they omitted the fact by mistake. No problem it is customary for Russian state media to withhold information to their citizens. They had seventy years of practice.

  • Eva Littell Doan

    I do not argue that…THAT is true. BUT the quote said : .”…the only American state….”
    VERRRRRRRY big problem with THAT statement

  • onlitrade

    Russia was attacked and raided by different Monarchical relatives So to say rivalries within the family because of a greed for power.

  • Robert

    It is time that the World push back against the Russians.. and maybe with the Nato excercises the World will see strentgh in working together.. and maybe the next time a Russian plane or Ship comes within the Borders that they will force the Russian plane or ship to land or go to port.. this imtimdation from the Russians needs to end and the World has to stand up and draw a line in the sand…united world strength.

  • jack01

    If the Polaticians left the Army alone we would of mopped the floor with all the Wars,but when you have chicken hearts for Polaticians and Pres,what do you expect?

  • jack01

    We did not eather.

  • marti

    Yes, and the US must understand that we cannot keep on bombing countries just for the heck. Maybe we do it because WE CAN. But as you see, we can with carp countries like Panama, Grenada , Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Libya. When it comes to other big guys, we can start kicking sand, huff and puff, but the consequences are dire and we resort to name calling and propaganda diarrhea like the article above. Maybe we are the paranoid ones, who fear ISIS is a threat 12,000 miles away, or that ISIS will invade us, through Mexico. Talk about being paranoid! Russian should believe in peaceful coexistence with the world?? Yes, like our peaceful coexistence; we exit from one war and we get into another.
    ” Make peace with the world, or be cut off from 3 of the 4 largest
    economies and forever live as a second rate country with little respect
    in the world.” There you go…become a vassal or we will rape you. No wonder Putin has to remind imbeciles that he has nuclear weapons.

  • Rijomi2

    ((((Paid Putin Troll Alert))))

  • marti

    1st there is no true media anywhere in the world. If you think that our media is free you are delusional. Whenever there is a publication there are 10 publications which go against. Its called disinformation.
    2nd. You really believe there is no murder of witnesses in the US? Just read a bit of history. Heck, we even had a president killed, an attorney general, a civil rights leader, a governor. Mind you, this was the last 50 years.
    3rd. You must be a first generation Polish who somehow believe the Russian occupation was worse than the German. An occupation is an occupation; how much you suffer depends on the circumstances.
    and I can go on and on, except I dont want to waste my time w/ a troll

  • Rijomi2

    I’m not paid. If I were a paid troll I would say, I’m Rijomi2, an informed Russian citizen. I generally have empathy for stupid people but not when they proudly display it.

  • Rijomi2

    I outlined my argument twice. No I’m American that makes me right and you wrong.

  • marti

    You are definitely a paid US troll!

  • marti

    Yes, everybody who disagrees with you is a Russian troll. You must be a paid troll yourself

  • marti

    “Russia’s invasion into foreign waters.”
    This Polina must believe in genuine imitation diamonds! What a brute!

  • Don

    Why is it so hard for you to understand that nuclear war is not a good thing? I have kids, I don’t want them to be killed in a war with Russia. Apparently you do. Well I have some advice for you. Go find a loaded gun. Open mouth, insert gun, pull the trigger. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt as you have no brains to lose. If you did have any brains you would not be advocating all out nuclear war with Russia.

  • Rijomi2

    At heart? Please that is BS. Ok let’s give Italy the old Roman Empire back. Countries evolve they don’t retreat. That is true propaganda.As I said it is inconceivable and downright paranoid to think that the whole world is controlled by a masterminded media. You sound like the old far right in America saying that fluoride in the water was a masterminded communist plot. It was the rebels and presented to the UN. Don’t tell me the UN is on this delusional plot. Russia need not take over the whole Ukraine, that’s why they want to bargain to east Ukraine that will accomplish that. Peace was the Marshall plan and NATO. The U.S. Protected and rebuilt democracies while Russia looted and occupied. The U.S. defeat of communism in Europe by winning the hearts and minds and bankrupting Moscow was the Peace. Historians agree that is Pax Americana that has kept the the most peaceful era in the last seventy years. Lastly, there are not more Ukrainian trolls. It appears that way my Russian troll, because the world hates you. Stay with your own kind, North Korea and Iran. The best way to spread disinformation is to refute the truth.

  • Aaron Moon

    Best response ever!!!!

  • Aaron Moon


  • Aaron Moon

    Lost all of them? Which ones? Vietnam was not a fair fight. Heavy rules of engagement for us…none for them. Korea actually was a draw and,The revolutionary war,Civil war,The Mexican border war,world war one and,two,The gulf war(both of them),and,more. Weve never lost a sustained conflict….ever.

  • Stelios Touchtidis

    Dude, google ‘American Continent’ sometime. Amazing what you’ll discover.

  • Stelios Touchtidis

    1. Arguably there’s no true media anywhere, not anymore. 2. There’s a lot of corruption in Russia, and will be hard to fix. Nobody said they were perfect or close to it. 3. Stalin was a monster and the Soviet Union a tyrannical state. 4. No argument. The Estonians/Latvians/Poles/Czechs/Romanians/Bulgars etc. were happy to go. The big problem was the geographical divisions on the FSU split that gave away large Russian minorities. 5. It was annexed *after ASKING to be annexed*, and after rebelling. Crimea was Russian at heart all the time, none of your arguments re (4) apply. 6. Not true. Russians want the rebels to not be crushed. If Ukraine hadn’t been so hard-ass on ‘wipe out the ‘terrorists” Russia wouldn’t be involved at all in the Donbass. 7. A corrupt Ukrainian and a coward yes–a Putin puppet? I’m sure Putin hates the ground he walks on. 8. The BRICS are more than half the world. You mean the ‘West,’ not the world, and the west follows America’s lead because they’re afraid not to for too many reasons to count. 9. So? I don’t get it. I’m sorry the Malaysia airliner was shot down no matter whodunit. Initially I was 100% sure it was the rebels, now I’m much less so. 10. Historically in Europe there’s been nothing but fighting–read some history, France vs England vs. Spain vs. Germany, all the wars in Italy, really you’re on weak ground here. Also Russia was attacked and raided constantly. 11. If there *are* ‘Putin’ trolls, they are dwarfed in number by Ukraine tolls, at least on most discussions.

  • Aaron Moon

    We did way better than they did. That country WILL be better off for it in the future,Change is hard,Things take time. Comparing Russia’s campaign to ours is silly at best.

  • Aaron Moon

    and,the U.S. belonged to Indians before…whats your point? It’s 2015 now…and.Ukraine is an independent country. Why is that so hard for you to understand?

  • Aaron Moon

    You mean the Zionist media that shows its people the truth?….Like a new Russian build up on the Ukrainian Border? BTW…I’m sure your Russian media is much better……NOT!!!!!!

  • Aaron Moon

    BAM!!! KAPOWEE!!!!

  • Aaron Moon

    We know Russia by now…We don’t need any further propaganda from either side.

  • Aaron Moon

    He is a “wild and,crazy guy….LMFAO.

  • Rijomi2

    your 5 cent reverse psychology to question someones independence is a SOP of Trolls. You were baited.

  • Rijomi2

    First of all, there is no true media in Russia. Second, I have read many books last two on the subject of corruption and murder of witnesses in Russia, one by a American and one by a Russian. Third, i am a first generation Polish american who parents endured a German work camp and Russian occupation, Russian occupation was worse. Fourth, I traveled behind the iron curtain when it was up and subsequent to that. Glaring differences without Russia’s looting and propaganda. As a matter of fact, i was in two of them when they booted Russia out. not a tear was shed and i never seen happier people. Fifth, Crimea was annexed, period. Sixth, the Russians want East Ukraine to cut it off from the Black Sea completely. Seventh, Ukraine threw out a Putin puppet. Eight, Its hard to say the world is wrong and only Russia is right. Ninth Ukraine fighters were shot down near the same missile site where Malaysian air disappeared and the sound transcripts were made available to the UN. Tenth, while most of the world countries generally views their neighbors with curiosity, Russia has historically viewed them anyways.

  • Stelios Touchtidis

    Does your belief in “paid Kremlin trolls” help you justify to yourself swallowing wholesale propaganda and never reexamining the media line? Just wondering.

  • Stelios Touchtidis

    No, that’s *NOT* understandable, Paulina. That’s paranoid at best, and malicious warmongering at worst.

  • Rijomi2

    Bingo…Paid Putin Troll #1. I rate your comedy act a 6. it’s Kool Aid.

  • rtyuio

    Where do you buy your Cool Aid? Powerful combo of ignorance and naivete.

  • Rijomi2

    I totally agree with the decision to do this especially around the May 9th date. Let it spoil the party. As for South American countries attending, ironic since much of the Nazi’s emigrated there. Let them have a reunion with the hosts of their enemy of the time. As long as their are hopes for an Iran deal, Obama will sit on his hands. A leader he is not. Last but not least, the most devastating impact of these maneuvers will be the number of cut and paste pre-ordained comments by the Paid Putin Trolls. …My name is Vladimir Lenin and I’m American citizen………let the comedy begin.

  • ExtremeRC

    It’s never a waste to practice and keep your military in top form.

  • ExtremeRC

    And yet, you are here!

  • ExtremeRC

    Comrade, Russia is an aggressor because they are invading a sovereign neighbor, illegally annexed part of it’s territory, and continually send ships and planes to approach western borders, often planes flying without transponders on for safety, threatening the use of nuclear weapons. There is no logic in your statement.

    Russia needs to learn to respect sovereign borders and respect treaties. They need to understand that the old Soviet Union is DEAD, and they no longer have any right to determine the policies of sovereign neighbors. Russians need to question why their country is so paranoid, and if they are truly interested in peaceful coexistence with the world, or if they’re intent on world conquest in which Mother Russia will be destroyed. The west is neither impressed nor intimidated by Russian arrogance and military posturing. Make peace with the world, or be cut off from 3 of the 4 largest economies and forever live as a second rate country with little respect in the world.

  • Emmanuel-Baptist Church

    Excuding the fact America won the cold war by out spending the Soviet Union, no country truly wins any war. Regardless what you think for example: America’s Coast Guard has more ships than the entire fleets of the 12 largest navies in the world. It is not for nothing that the U.S. spends more on defense than any other country. And in other strategic areas, U.S. supremacy, while under stress and challenged, is still strong. No other military or combination of militaries could even begin to inflict the slightest numbers of casualties on the United States military in a conventional war.

    Consider: The U.S. spends close to what the entire rest of the world spends in defense. $711 billion. Per year. The next closest is China at $143 billion.

    The M1 Abrams tank has seen more combat than just about any other tank on the battlefield today. It has never been knocked out by enemy fire. (Completely killed). Ever.

    China has less than 500 Type 99 tanks, that have just been developed, and are not even close to being as good as the Abrams. We have 8,700 Abrams.

    We have 10 aircraft carriers. The good kind. Everyone else has 10. Combined. And they are mostly small ships that can launch helicopters.

    There are 8,400 attack helicopters in the world. The U.S. has 6,400 of them.

    The United States has engaged in every type of ground warfare in the last 20 years. From mountains to jungles, and from desert to urban, we have the some of the most experienced warriors in the world. No other country comes close to the amount of combat veterans that we have.

    We own all the satellites that guide GPS systems. We have all the advanced stealth technology. The latest sensors? U.S. The latest information systems? U.S. An Abrams tank can see a target, the tank commander can instantly send that target to every tank in his company.

    Now you have 14 tanks looking for you. Oh, and it also uploads to every Apache helicopter in the area. Every indirect and direct fire system in the area knows what you are and where you are. Your survivability just dropped to 0. Instantly.

    Now with the new space weapons, Global Strike Drones, tunsil rods, the navy’s shark drones, HAARP weather control, meteorite manipulation , and the XB37 which possesses the ability to kidnap enemy satellites. Nuclear missiles will soon be obsolete.

    Fighting a conventional war against the U.S. would be like a 3-year-old child playing chess against Gary Kasparov. They wouldn’t even know what they were supposed to be looking at…..

  • Punkheart

    Polina Tikhonova obviously is paid well to make up a bullshit. It is amazing how Russia is an aggressor while celebrating one of the biggest national holidays (by away to honor near 28,000,000 people it lost during WWII) on its own territory while NATO is holding military games near Russian border. There is no logic in such statements. If anybody should be concerned it should be Russia. My heart goes to Russian people, who has to deal with increasing Russophobia widely spread by snakes like the author of this article and similar to her people with no morals.

  • Archie

    Who cares!

  • Joey Aponte

    I think you people are confusing Proxy Wars with Total Wars. The U.S could easily mobilize millions of troops and paint the entire middle east red.

  • rampantlion

    @ al: Did you forget about the 1st Gulf War? We pretty much kicked butt in that one…

  • rampantlion

    I agree with part of what you said. It is impossible to “invade” international waters.

    I hope you realize, though, that it is not just the West that is trying to intimidate an adversary (Russia, here). Russia has been intimidating the West (and Ukraine).

  • John Schwerer

    Brazil IS, and if I’m correct Cuba is considered part of the Ameica>S<, let's not forget that there is SOUTH America too. Keep in mind that with the Monroe Doctrine, the USA listed the Caribbean Islands as part of the American Protectorate.

  • Zitimir

    And of course Russia doesn’t have to consider it provocation.


    What a waste of gasoline/diesel to impress one another….

  • Eva Littell Doan

    This year’s World War 2 anniversary will include Cuba, the only American state to take part in the event, WHAAAAAAAAT!?!???? Cuba is NOT a part of America!

  • Desalam

    The problem is not Ukraine. But it is unfortunate that Ukraine allows itself to be used as the battle field. Shame unto Ukrainian military. When Egyptian military saw how the US wanted to use the uprising to destroy Egypt, they took over. US, Europe and even Russia stayed away. That is what Syrian failed to do, till today Syria is in shambles. that is what Libya failed to do till today, where is Libya. When Ukrainian Army saw what was going on that what was coming will be a war between the West and Russian and they will be the battle field, they would have taken over power and everybody will stay away. Today, the move they move towards becoming EU member, the more the country will become smaller with Russia collecting more of its territory through Rebels. its a pity

  • Grimcrotch

    i get my news from Valuewalk – said no one ever.

  • Texan Rock

    Regime changed need in Moscow. Pootin got to go. I want to come over Russia getting Russian Bribes myself

  • Paul


  • http://www.rodgerolsen.com rodgerolsen

    Ours hasn’t been a big success either. We got a half a million people killed and ended up reinforcing ISIS.

  • lostcorsair

    One more peace of propaganda journalism.

  • Don

    The USA also fought a war in Afghanistan and that is not going so well either. We now control less than 1/3 of the countrty.

  • http://www.rodgerolsen.com rodgerolsen

    It is amazing that western media and western governments accuse Russia of being aggressive and paranoid at the same time they are holding exercise after exercise on the Russian border with the intent of intimidating Russia. NATO is constantly poking at a bee’s nest and then screaming that it’s the bee’s fault if they don’t like it.
    The reporters bias is shown when she reports that Russia has “invaded” international waters. How can Russia be accused of “invading” international waters? They have the same right to be there as we do.

  • Don

    All you need is a map to tell you who gets the largest share of the Arctic.

  • R.D. Cheese

    All lies. A [Zionist] media that is trying to “help” the U.S. foment war, that’s all. It would almost be BORING, now, were it not so dangerous [and profoundly SICK]

  • al

    sure thing bud, and america fought tens of wars in recent years and lost all of them lol.
    oh maybe except for one in Grenada.
    brave american army defeated that huge country with a population of 91.000 people

  • Don

    Sending lethal aid to the Ukraine would not end anything. Instead it would start World War III and eventually all out nuclear war. You idiots don’t understand. Most of the Ukraine was traditionally Russia, going back several centuries. US or other NATO troops in Russia/Ukraine will not be permitted. Destruction of the separatists in the east will not be permitted.

  • Harry Baggins

    Just get rid of pootin the liar. No need for war.

  • Michael Chovich

    The Russians fought one war against Afghanistan and I don’t think they did so well.

  • skyscraper007

    The pie is actually moreso “The World Order & The Standing A Country Has In It “. Granted the Arctic Region is a piece, so are regions like the Ukraine, The Middle East, The Asian Countries, The Orient, The South American Regions. What tools and tactics are employed to gain such interest depends thus on how each country deals with its associates. Every person whether under a democratic system or socialist, communist system must eat, work, rest & feel productive to extending their futures to be more prosperous. Restrictions that curb these obtainments such as religious & political zealots , fanatics, tyrants contribute more chaos and strife and loss of life instead of perpetuating it, create more hardships within each countries individual system thus holding back progress and keeping up with the emancipations to make living more wholesome and rearding rather than having to struggle for bare minimums while the elite only seem immune from their own interventions and stirring of the pots of gold they see as conqwests.

  • highlanderge

    NATO,NATO aren’t they the morons like the US who have never won a single war?,ah well another defeat for the US and the gay boys of NATO..Scitch the them Vlad.

  • Pavle

    The problem of USA, EU and NATO with Russia is not Ukraine and the development of democracy in this country but who is going to take a larger part of the Arctic pie.