What Is The Royal Baby’s Name? I Heard George

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Drum roll please. The royal baby‘s name is – George. The BBC reports that William and Kate have named their new son George Alexander Louis. The baby is now third in line to inherit the throne of England, and he was born on Monday. The baby prince will be referred to as His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge. Of course his mother and father are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

What Is The Royal Baby's Name? I Heard George

The royal baby meets the queen

The BBC reports it’s believed that Queen Elizabeth was told the royal baby’s name today when she saw him in person for the first time. The royal couple is at the Middleton home in Bucklebury, Berkshire today after staying overnight at Kensington Palace.

It was expected that the duke and duchess would choose a traditional royal name for their baby. It’s tradition that each royal baby like His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge would receive a historical name which has been passed down through the royal family for generations.

A history of royal names

According to the BBC, there have been six King Georges up until this point. The queen’s father was the most recent King George, although his family called him Bertie. The royal baby’s third name Louis is also his father William’s fourth name is likely in honor of Lord Louis Mountbatten, who is the uncle of the Duke of Edinburgh and also the last British Viceroy in India before the nation’s 1947 independence.

Lord Mountbatten was apparently quite close to the Prince of Wales, who is William’s father and thus, the royal baby’s grandfather. The lord was assassinated in 1979 by the Irish Republican Army.

The name Alexander was said to be a favorite name of Catherine’s. According to the BBC, the announcement of the royal baby’s name was pretty quick in comparison with previous royal babies. It took seven days before Prince William’s name was announced in 1982. When Prince Charles was born in 1948, the wait was a month long.

Of course this time around we even got to see streaming video of the royal baby, the prince and princess leaving the hospital too, thanks to technology.

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