Ron Baron: Ignore Recent Stock Volatility: [VIDEO]

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Ron Baron:  Ignore Recent Stock Volatility: [VIDEO]

Ron Baron: The billionaire buy-and-hold investor told CNBC the market “turbulence” won¿t last and that his firm doesn’t have enough money to even “take advantage of all opportunities we see.”


Ron Baron Video and Transcript Below


95 makes me think things are pretty healthy. ron baron, he has a pretty calming voice. i wondered how he felt yeste after all this. it helps to be worth a couple billion dolo be calm. you know what he said? valuations are attractive still. businesses are doing well. the economy is strengthening. get this. he says even with $20 billion, he opportunity have enough money to take advantage of all the opportunities here. 20. it’s not all his. he says he’s not looking at this point like, look, maybe the rate of the market has slowed down. we’re not talking about three year doubles at this point. he says for his funds he’s looking more five or six years for doubling. maybe nine or ten for the market.still talking about a very strong market and a place he sees great opportuty. these are times you try to keep your cool. got to have some powder. got to have dry powder. i wish we had all the guys looking for — if they were to come on and say no, no, no, i’d feel better. they’re never able to pull the

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