Robin Williams Found Hanging In His Home: Sheriff’s Office

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The coroner and sheriff’s department have released more details about legendary comedic actor Robin Williams’s death. Officials with the Marin County Sheriff’s office said his personal assistant found him with a belt around his neck, according to NBC News. They added that he was found suspended from the belt, which was wedged between a closet door and the door frame.

Now the Daily Mail also reports that Williams’ neighbor said he had been especially depressed and just a “shell” days before he was found dead.

More details on Williams’ death released

At a press conference, the sheriff’s office said the actor’s personal assistant discovered his body not long before noon on Monday. Williams had not responded to several knocks on the door, so his assistant became concerned.

The actor’s wife, Susan Schneider, last saw him alive around 10:30 Sunday night when she went to bed. She left their home around 10:30 a.m. on Monday, thinking he was still asleep. Williams had apparently moved to a different room, and his assistant found him later, fully clothed with a belt around his neck. Officials said the actor was found “in a seated position slightly off the ground,” which basically meant that his body appeared to be sitting in a chair. His left wrist also had some superficial stab wounds, and deputies found a pocket knife next to his body.

Schneider came back home after emergency personnel had declared her husband dead. Officials did not say whether Williams had left a suicide note, although TMZ reports that he did not leae one. They are currently running toxicology tests on his body and are investigating to determine when he died.

Robin Williams said to be “very drawn and thin” before death

Today the Daily Mail spoke with Williams’ neighbor, who was one of the last people to see him alive. The neighbor said he looked “very drawn and thin” and like a mere “shell” of his public self. The neighbor added that it seemed like something was on his mind, although he was still “the nice guy” the neighbor had always known. He also reportedly told a friend that he was having financial problems and that he was only working his latest jobs to make money. He said last year that he was selling a $35 million property in Napa because he couldn’t afford to keep it any longer.

The 63-year-old actor has battled depression and addiction for quite some time. As recently as last month, he had been back in rehab “fine-tuning” his sobriety.

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