Queensboro Bridge Explosion Reported To Be Truck Fire

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The Queensboro bridge explosion reported just a short while ago in Manhattan does appear to be a truck fire. As you can see from this picture we’ve obtained, it looks to be quite serious. Black smoke fills the air and blocks the full view of what’s happening at this point, but Twitter accounts are exploding with brief reports from those who are stuck on the bridge right now.

The latest reports indicate that the fire is on the outbound lower level of the bridge. ABCLocal is reporting that the fire is on the loer level of the 59th Street bridge. Both outbound levels of the bridge are closed, so no traffic is flowing into Queens from the bridge.

Also the Manhattan bound lanes on the lower level of the bridge are shut down due to the Queensboro bridge explosion. At this point the Manhattan bound upper level of the bridge is open.

This story is breaking right now, so check back here for updates. We will provide more information as soon as it becomes available.

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