Pokemon Go iPhone Cheat: Walk Anywhere, No Jailbreak Needed

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Can you believe it’s been nearly two months since the Pokemon Go craze started to take over your friends and family members like something from the Invasion of the Body Snatchers? Since then, the game has gone on to conquer the world even though it has dropped from the top spot in the iOS App Store in the last few weeks. But you still can’t walk to the shops without seeing a cap-wearing, backpack-laden youth crouching in the bushes with a smartphone in hand.

While most people play the game the way developer Niantic wants them to, many have turned to the dark side and take advantage of Pokemon Go cheats, hacks, and tips from various third parties. If you’re one of these cheaters, don’t be concerned. We don’t judge fanatical game players; we try to help them. So here’s some good news: the ultimate Pokemon Go cheat has now arrived!

The ultimate Pokemon Go Hack

In fact, it has been around for the iPhone for some time but previously required a user to have a jailbroken device. However, as of this past weekend, the hack is now available to every iPhone owner, even those without a jailbroken device.

I know you must be wondering how this cheat could be the “ultimate” one because there are lots of hacks and cheats for Pokemon Go. It’s because the hack lets players walk anywhere they want to in the game without having to move physically. Also it will supposedly not alert the developer to the fact that a player is cheating, and as such, not get them banned for life.

As I mentioned above, the hack was announced last month and allows players to stay at home and still “walk” around the map on an iPhone, but until this past weekend, it required a jailbreak to work.

How to use the hack

The hack is quite simple to install and use. However, the YouTube channel iCrackUriDevice has created a video which explains in some detail the entire process. To start the process, you need to uninstall Pokemon Go from your device and then install three files from a Pokemon Go hack website. Next, all you need to do is install the files on your device from your computer, change one setting, and that is it.

However, there is a catch, and it could be a rather irritating one for some players. To get the hacked app to work on your iPhone, you will have to self-sign/trust the app. Additionally, the self-signed certificate only lasts seven days. That means every seven days you will have to repeat the self-signing process to keep the hack working.

Here’s the video I mentioned earlier. It contains all the instructions you need to install the ultimate Pokemon Go hack on your iPhone.

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