This Pokemon Go Cheat Lets You Catch All Pokemons Automatically

Pokemon Go is the hit game developed by Niantic Labs and released not much more than a month ago. Since its launch, the game has become the most popular in the world, so popular, in fact, that Niantic has been struggling to keep its servers online due to the demand. However, this is not the only negative to come the game’s/developer’s way; third parties who want to get in on the lucrative action have created bots that help players cheat and increase their levels. But there is a new bot in town called Insta-PokeGo which takes things even further.

Insta-Poke Go Bot, for Pokemon Go

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Cheating on a whole new level

Insta-PokeGo is the new daddy of Pokemon Go bots, as it takes cheating while playing the game to an extreme new level. Like other bots, it catches Pokemon for you, but unlike others, it also visits PokeStops and collects the items you need to progress in the game too.

To take advantage of this bot, all you have to do is log in to it with your Pokemon Go details. Once that is done, you can use the bot online and check details such as XP count, the number of items collected, and how many Pokemon have been caught and also check your journal. The bot catches Pokemon using location spoofing so it can find them from all over the world.

Who created Insta-Poke Go?

A team of ex-Dropbox engineers developed the Insta-Poke Go bot, and I can tell you because I have visited that the website is one of the most credible developed sites that I have seen. It has a wealth of information for users of the bot. However, I would read through this before you decide to use it because Niantic has threatened everyone who is found to be cheating with a permanent ban.

So it is advised that you don’t cheat using your primary Pokemon Go account. At the time of writing, one of the bot’s creators, Steven Bartel, claims that the bot has had more than 4,000 users and that Niantic has not banned any of them. In fact, on the Insta-Poke Go website, there is an FAQ section that answers questions about the bot. Here’s the answer that was given on the site about account banning:

Insta-Poke Go FAQ

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Will you be using this bot to help you progress quickly with Pokemon Go?


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