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Pokemon Go Gen 2 Release Date Hinted In New Leak

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Pokemon Go, the popular game for iOS and Android, has had its fair share of updates since release. Now just a few weeks after the last one, a Starbucks employee has leaked the possible existence of a Pokemon Go Gen 2. While one person is far from consensus, the fact that Starbucks has since officially published more details about it on its website does add weight.

Pokemon Go Gen 2 leaks

Why would Starbucks leak such information? It turns out that it’s in cahoots with Niantic and will be running promotions to coincide with the Pokemon Go Gen 2 release. One such promotion is the offering of a Pokemon Go Frappuccino.

But what will Niantic gain from teaming up with Starbucks? Apparently, the promotion will turn the majority of Starbucks stores into PokeStops and Gyms. This is seen as a way to get those who love the beverage retailer’s products to play more. To get the Frappuccino, players must first unlock it in the game.

Pokemon Go Gen 2 Release Date Hinted In New Leak
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100 new Pokemon and release date

Last month, leaks which have yet to be confirmed pointed to about 100 new Pokemon appearing in the next update. However, now we have sleuths at Engadget claiming that even more information has come via Starbucks.

According to Engadget, the coffee shop chain has published a “need-to-know guide” which says: “The world of Pokémon Go is about to expand with new Pokémon and a new Starbucks beverage!”

This guide also reportedly indicates that Pokemon Go Gen 2 will arrive today or soon. However, as of yet, there’s been no indication whether this is correct.

As for the new Pokemon, in November, someone at Silph Road dug around in the Pokemon Go v0.45.0 APK code and while doing so discovered references to the new critters, which will reportedly take the numbers 152 through 251 in the game.

Ninatic working towards Gen 2

It’s become apparent that Niantic has been working on updates which it intends to release at a later date. The latest code update, v0.49.1, includes even more new features which will become apparent in Pokemon Go Gen 2. They’ve been designed to give more options and to improve the gaming experience overall for players; here’s what extras have been included.

Pokemon genders

Earlier this year, Niantic executive John Hanke revealed that they had always intended breeding to be a feature of the game. So it comes as no surprise that the next-gen update includes genders. However, as far as playing the game goes, it won’t add much value immediately because it will not improve upon the core gaming features such as battling and strategizing.

Shiny Pokemon

If you remember the Pokemon card collecting craze from the early 2000s, you will know that a shiny card indicated a Pokemon with a special status or abilities. This highly-anticipated feature could be about to make it to Pokemon Go Gen 2. However, what the “shiny” part indicates for the context of the game remains unknown. It could mean that critters bearing this designation will be endowed with improved abilities and stats compared to regular Pokemon. Whatever it means, it’s likely that trainers will need to be on the lookout for them.

Christmas costumes

According to Express Niantic could have something festive planned as well. The rumor so far points to the possibility of festive costumes for Pokemon. Apparently, it will be possible to dress critters in shirts, pants, shoes, and hats and even add hairstyles. These appearance updates can, if true, be unlocked by playing the game and spending money.

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