iOS 10.2 Beta 6: Changes And New Features

iOS 10.2 Beta 6: Changes And New Features

Earlier this week Apple started to roll out the latest iOS 10.2 beta 6 update to developers and beta testers. It came just three days after the fifth beta and less than a week after the fourth, meaning that Apple is now working much faster than we’ve known it to in the past. So what does this latest beta offer in the way of changes and new features? Let’s take a look…

iOS 10.2 Beta 6

What’s new with iOS 10.2 Beta 6?

iOS 10.2 Beta 6 is available to download right now from the developer portal and via an over-the-air update. Developers and beta testers can now use the tweaks which have been included in iOS 10.2 during the previous 5 betas. On initial inspection of Beta 6, nothing seems to have changed since Beta 5. However, it’s more likely that there are differences; they’re just not perceivable by users.

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According to MacRumors, emojis such as an avocado, a croissant and a facepalm are now available. However, they were made available with Beta 5, so there’s nothing new about them.

We think iOS 10.2 Beta 6 is purely a security fix update, which would account for the super fast turnaround. As for why and what the fixes are, Apple has chosen not to divulge the information. So we could now be in the final stages of beta testing before Apple launches 10.2 to the general populous. But because Apple does not reveal or outline its publishing schedules, we are left guessing as to the date of a possible release.

What we do know about iOS 10.2

While this latest beta may be a bit of an enigma, we already know an awful lot about 10.2 and what it offers above and beyond 10.1, so if you’ve missed our previous updates, here’s what’s coming.

New emoji

When released to the general public, iOS 10.2 will bring with it more than 100 new emoji. Some of the most highly anticipated emoji are clown face, drooling face, selfie, facepalm, shark, butterfly, croissant and fox face. Additionally, Apple has now thought of professionals and is including specialist emoji in both male and female. These professional emoji are mechanic, scientist, firefighter, doctor, lawyer and more.

Preserve settings

If you dislike always having to reset your iPhone‘s camera settings each time you use it, the new Preserve setting will allow you to lock your camera into a mode which fits you best. It doesn’t matter which setting, whether video, square, or portrait, they’re all available, as are the photo filter and even live photo.

TV app

With iOS 10.2, Apple has revealed its all-new TV app, which was developed to replace the old Video app. It’s the next generation in iOS 10 video software for the iPhone and iPad. The app will make recommendations based on your past viewing and popularity.

iphone 7 7 plus wallpapers

New wallpapers

If you like a variety of wallpapers, there are three new ones within iOS 10.2 for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. They have black backgrounds, and each one has either a yellow, blue, or pink drop of liquid at its center. They are quite stunning to view, but don’t be concerned if you don’t have an iPhone 7. These wallpapers are available for you too; see here.

Final thoughts

Will Beta 6 be the final update before Apple releases 10.2? Who knows? However, what we do know is that this next incarnation of Apple’s firmware is a continuation of its growth. As it grows, we’re going to see new features that will ultimately transform what iOS is, meaning that by the time iOS 11 is here, Apple’s mobile OS will be hardly recognizable.

If you want to find out how iOS 10.2 compares to iOS 10.1, take a look here.

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