Not Pokemon Go, But Clash Royale Is iPhone Game Of The Year

Not Pokemon Go, But Clash Royale Is iPhone Game Of The Year
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The makers of Pokemon Go should have seen this coming. According to Apple, the augmented reality-based app is not the best game of the year on the iPhone, according to Venture Beat. Apple recently revealed the list of its official Game of the Year awards for the iPhone, iPad and other devices. The iPhone Game of the Year is arguably the biggest category given the popularity of the smartphone.

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Pokemon Go not among the top ten iPhone games

Developer Supercell’s Clash Royale won the title of Game of the Year for the iPhone, while Severed received the award for iPad Game of the Year. The Apple Watch and Apple TV Game of the Year were won by Field Day and Riptide GP, respectively, says VentureBeat.

In the game Clash Royale, players face each other by dropping cards from their deck onto a battlefield. Those cards transform into units with multiple capabilities. The mobile game is free for download, but players can spend money on cards to improve their deck. According to Apple, it is a vicious cycle and the best mobile game that came out for the iPhone in 2016.

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“It has one of the best presentations on mobile platforms, and it is incredibly playable,” says VentureBeat.

The augmented reality-based app Pokemon Go could not even make it onto the list of the top ten games on the iPhone. The top ten games were Clash Royale, Reigns, Inks, FIFA Mobile Football, Klocki, Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari, Pktball, Snakebird, Twofold Inc., and The Trail.

The top ten iPhone games surely deserve recognition, especially Reigns, from developer Nerial and publisher Devolver Digital, says VentureBeat. This mobile game turns the simple act of swiping on profile pictures from matchmaking applications into a gameplay mechanic. Every profile picture comes with new choices, and those choices have consequences.

Sprint to tie in with Pokemon Go

In other Pokemon Go-related news, Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure has hinted about a possible tie-in of the carrier with the game. In a recent tweet, Claure said Sprint will have a special announcement for Pokemon Go trainers soon.

According to Phone Arena, all Sprint store managers were asked to update their GPS coordinates on November 29 because of a new promotion that the carrier will be running with the augmented reality-based game, a source reportedly told Phone Arena. Sprint could tie in with the next huge update to the mobile game. The big update will possibly add the ability to make trades, plus 100 new Pokemon and player vs. player battles, among features.

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