Pokemon GO Best Cheats, Tweaks And Tips For iPhone Users

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If you have been living under the proverbial rock for the last month, then you may not have realized that Niantic has launched the Pokemon GO game, and it has become a worldwide success. Designed and developed using the Unity 3D engine, this augmented reality game has gathered millions of users since its launch, and there seems to be no end in sight to its apparent popularity.

If you haven’t been crawled under a rock, there is a good chance that you have spent some time playing the game, and as such, you know how addictive it is. Eager members of the gaming community have been working on and releasing packages that can make playing the game more entertaining. In this article, I will be taking a look at some of them which come in the form of cheats, tweaks, and tips for the iPhone and iPad.

PokePatch for jailbroken devices

If you want to play Pokemon GO but have a jailbroken iOS device, the odds are against you being able to play the game. Because most developers add jailbreak detection into the code, and this has also happened with Pokemon GO, which means that you can’t play the game. However, installing the PokePatch tweak will enable you to get around the jailbreak check. You can get it from the developer’s own repo here: ryleyangus.com/repo.

Poke Radar

Poke Radar is a free app which is available for iOS and on the Internet (coming soon to Android). It features a crowd-sourced map, which helps Pokemon GO players find any Pokemon that are in their vicinity. You can read more about it here.

Pokemon GO Battery Saver

Pokemon GO is a game which is extremely graphics-intensive, plus it uses your device’s camera and GPS, all of which can lead to some significant battery drain. Fortunately, there is some good news and a way in which you can use the app’s built-in battery saver options to keep you catching Pokemon for as long as possible.

You can find more on how to use the battery saver options here.

Pokemon Lock

If you don’t mind disabling the passcode on your iOS device and are happy to have your battery drain at an exponential rate, then you can play Pokemon GO directly from the Lock Screen of your iPhone or iPad thanks to the Pokemon Lock tweak. If this sounds like the kind of tweak you would like to have, you just need to get the tweak and launch the game. Your device must be jailbroken for this to work, and you should have your passcode disabled.

You can get this tweak from repo.ziph0n.com.

Pokemon GO Best Cheats, Tweaks And Tips For iPhone Users


There are not many things more irritating than looking forward to catching some Pokemon after work, only to discover that the game servers are so over capacity that they have given up and taken themselves offline. Now with the FlappyGo app, instead of having to leave and find something else to do, you can wait for the servers to come back online with a game of Flappy Bird and not have to exit the game!

This tweak can be found on the developer’s personal repository here: rep.ziph0n.com.


If you love everything about Pokemon GO other than having to walk the streets looking for the little creatures, then PokemonGoAnywhere is just the addition that you have been looking for. Once you have installed this jailbreak tweak, you can cheat by clicking anywhere on the map to make you appear to walk to that location.

The most positive thing about this tweak is that it looks as though its creator will add additional power and functionality over the coming weeks. You can get it from the developer’s repo here: www.williamlcobb.com/repo.

Check Server Status

If you have seen the error message:

“Our servers are humbled by your incredible response. We are working to resolve the issue. Please try again soon!”

There is an easy way to check if the servers are up or  down before making arrangements with friends to go Pokemon hunting. You can find out more about this here.

Cheats, tips and tweaks

There are so many different ways to make playing Pokemon GO easier, but there just is not enough time to explain them all to you. Fortunately, here at ValueWalk, our team of writers has been writing about this for some time, so take a look at the following:

Get Unlimited Incense and Lucky Eggs: This is the definitive guide on how to get Free incense and Lucky Eggs, plus there’s some information on how to get free PokeCoins too. You can find out more here.

Pokevision: All you have to do is type in your zip code, and you will be shown a map with all of the nearby Pokemon on it. You can read more about this cheat here.

PokemonGoMap: If you’ve not come across this new app, it is Google Maps-based, and its website regularly shows the locations of more than 2.3 million PokeStops and Gyms. If you want to know more about how this can help you play Pokemon GO, you can find the information here.

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