Pokemon Tracker Lets You Cheat At Pokemon GO


The excitement over Pokemon GO continues and stories have been surfacing over all of the strange things that people have done while playing the game.

If you are obsessed about catching all of the little creatures, you may have to walk a long, long way in the hope of stumbling across them. Players were helped by the “nearby” tracking feature for a few days, which showed them all of the Pokemon close to their current location, but the feature is now broken.

Niantic tracking function out of service

The tracking only shows Pokemon within three steps, making it pretty much useless. Some players have complained that it negatively impacts gameplay by reducing the Pokemon hunt to blind luck rather than letting you chase down rare Pokemon.

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However a website called Pokevision offers a solution. The software acts like a supercharged Pokemon tracker, telling you where all of the Pokemon in your area are and how long they will hang around. The makers of Pokevision use the Pokemon GO API in order to see where the makers have put Pokemon.

All you have to do is type in your zip code and you will be shown a map with all of the nearby Pokemon on it. Initial reviews have been good, with people enjoying the fact that the element of chance in finding Pokemon has been reduced.

Pokevision makes Pokemon GO more fun

However the software could also be thought of as a cheat mechanism, and it violates the terms of service of the game. Developer Niantic could certainly close Pokevision down if it chose to, but the software doesn’t use bots or anything sinister.

The add-on arguably improves the gameplay experience, allowing you to run out to catch a rare Pokemon that you’ve not seen before. It seems unlikely that Niantic will close Pokevision down, particularly at a time when the developer’s own nearby tracking is out of action.

Should the company take action against Pokevision it would probably only spawn a legion of copycat sites. For now you can take advantage of the site in order to top up on your count of rare Pokemon.

Gaming sensation divides public opinion

Pokemon GO has firmly divided opinion around the world, with fanatic players pitted against incredulous haters. Much of the confusion arises from the fact that grown adults are wandering around catching augmented reality monsters on their smartphones, and in some cases getting into real life trouble.

There are countless anecdotes of people falling into lakes, crashing cars and even being robbed while playing Pokemon GO. One unfortunate player in Guatemala was even shot dead in a confusing incident in the south of the country.

Shareholders were initially excited by the raging success of the game but expectations were revised after an announcement which pointed out the relatively poor revenue generated by Pokemon GO. The lack of in-game advertising might please gamers, but it does remove a major source of revenue for the makers of Pokemon GO.

It will be interesting to see if ads are added at a later date, or whether the excitement over the game will last. Perhaps Pokemon GO will have some loyal fans, or it could just be a summer infatuation which slowly wears thin over time. If you are a committed player, head over to the Pokevision site to see which of the monsters is lurking near you.