Here is how to play Fortnite split-screen with friends

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Epic regularly adds new features to Fortnite to keep players’ interest going. It did the same with the recent v11.30 update. The update brings the much-awaited and rare split-screen co-op feature allowing you and your friend to team up in a match. Here is everything you need to know about how to play Fortnite split-screen.

Fortnite split-screen: all you need to know

The first thing that you should know is that the feature is currently only available on the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 consoles. This means you won’t be able to use it on mobile, PC or Switch. Also, the feature is available in two modes – Duos and Squads.

Why is the split-screen feature not available in solo mode? The answer to this is pretty simple and logical. If it had been available, you would be able to “screen peek” at your friend, or vice versa, and thus eliminate him or her in the game to get extra kills.

Talking about the feature, as the name suggests, it allows two players to play the game, working together, on a single console. However, the downside is that you have to share half of your TV screen with your friend.

Along with split-screen, Epic introduced a few other minor changes with the latest update as well. The changes include a new ammunition indicator, which uses number, increase item gifting limit (from three to five), and the option to preview items on mobile in the shop.

How to play Fortnite split-screen

Coming to how to play Fortnite split-screen, you will need a reliable internet connection and two controllers.  Now follow the below steps to play it on Xbox One and PS4:

Step 1: go to the Fortnite lobby. On the bottom, there will be a hint on how to set up and play split screen on Fortnite.

Step 2: if you are using PlayStation 4, then hold down the “X” button for the other player to log in. Similarly, there will be a hint on the Xbox One as well. Hold the button that the hint asks you to.

Step 3: the second player will now load into the lobby with the first player. The control of the lobby, the locker, and other things rests with the first player. However, you can give up control of the lobby, if you hold down the “X” button.

That’s it! You are now set to play Fortnite split-screen.

While playing, you may notice black bars around the screen. Epic still seems to be working on the feature, and we may get an improved version going forward. Players have been requested to give their feedback to improve the feature.

The split-screen feature is more demanding if you consider that the console has to process the game twice, along with ensuring stability in the performance. Probably due to such technical issues, Epic has temporarily disabled the split-screen feature, issuing a notice shortly after launching it last week, citing an unspecified issue.

You can refer to the below video as well:

Fortnite’s Star Wars event

Fortnite recently hosted a Star Wars event in the game. Epic had been teasing the event for a long time by placing posters of the event on the Fortnite island. The in-game movie theatre showed a clip of the upcoming movie, called Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Also, in the event, director J.J. Abrams and game awards host Geoff Keighley made a live appearance. The event, however, got a mixed response from the players.

Before the event, players faced server issues, resulting in many not being able to login. Then, owing to the issues, the event got a delayed start. Eventually, the event started and the Millennium Falcon appeared, pursued by TIE fighters. Then Geoff Keighley showed up as a hologram along with a Storm Trooper named FN-143.

After this, players voted on the scene that should be shown, and the winner was the “Jedi mind trick.” This clip, however, wasn’t exclusive and was revealed earlier this month. After this clip, players voted for their favorite lightsaber.

Next, the players were given their favorite lightsaber color. These lightsabers were not just for fun, but now are in the game as well. Moreover, Epic has also added a few Star Wars-themed challenges, giving you a chance to unlock items such as a Jedi training emote.

Fortnite has been promoting Star Wars since November. At the time, the company made available stormtrooper character skins in-game. This is not the first time Epic has partnered with a blockbuster film franchise. Previously, we have seen similar collaborations, including skins and events for John Wick, The Avengers and more.

Even a celebrity appearance is not a new thing in Fortnite. Earlier this year, Marshmello performed a concert in the game. Later, Epic said that it was the biggest in-game event ever with over 10 million players attending and millions more viewing it via Twitch and YouTube.

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