A Photoshopped Presidential Seal Called Trump A “Puppet”

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President Donald Trump spoke at Turning Point USA’s student summit earlier this week, but it isn’t his speech that’s been making headlines. It’s what was on the screen next to him that has captured attention. Someone slipped up a photoshopped presidential seal proclaiming “45 is a puppet” in Spanish.

The Washington Post noticed the mistake and tried to get to the bottom of it, but no one seems to know how the photoshopped presidential seal ended up on the screen next to President Trump. The person who did the photoshopping was obviously making a political statement, but it’s unclear whether the person who put it on the screen did it purposely or just quickly grabbed an image of the presidential seal without actually looking at it to make sure it was correct.

According to the Post, the correct seal was behind Trump’s name when he walked onstage and on the lectern he stood at to speak for 80 minutes. A spokesperson for the White House said they didn’t see the photoshopped presidential seal until it was on the screen and referred the media’s questions to Turning Point. The conservative group hosted a number of high-profile conservative speakers in addition to President Trump.

A spokesperson for the group said he didn’t know where the photoshopped presidential seal came from or how it ended up behind the president. He blamed the error on the team which handled the audio/visual production for the event, calling it “a last minute throw-up.”

A study of the fake presidential seal reveals several issues. First, instead of “E Pluribus Unum,” the seal read “45 es un titere,” which is Spanish for “45 is a puppet.” In place of the eagle, the seal’s creator substituted a two-headed bird-like creature similar to what’s on the Russian coat of arms, which is undoubtedly a statement about the accusations of Trump being tied to Russia. One of the talons holds a set of gold clubs instead of 13 arrows, while the other talon holds money instead of the olive branch which is on the real seal.

45 is a puppet photoshopped presidential seal
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A reader of the Post traced the photoshopped presidential seal to the website OneTermDonnie, which sells merchandise with what looks like the same parody seal.

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