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Peshawar Attack: Facebook Profile Photos Go Black

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In the wake of the brutal Peshawar attack today, many social media users have declared today “Black Day” as the world mourns the loss of more than 100 children. The Taliban attacked a school in Pakistan, and stories of survivors are pouring out, with each one being more terrifying than the last.

Facebook profile images being changed

As the deluge of horror continues online, many have changed their Facebook profile pictures to just a plain black square with no words, while others have changed their profile photos to black backgrounds with simple statements:

Peshawar Attack

Peshawar Attack: Facebook Profile Photos Go Black

Still others offered a chilling reminder of just how horrible the Peshawar attack was:

Peshawar Attack

Terrifying accounts of the Peshawar attack

Twitter is arguably the most popular social media platform for those wanting up-to-the-minute news, and reports from survivors are filling up users’ Timelines. A report posted on Yahoo News tells the full tale of 16-year-old Shahrukh Khan, who survived the attack. He said he was attending a guidance session in his school’s auditorium when the Taliban gunman burst into the room.


Students were forced to watch as militants brutally murdered people in front of them before beheading each of them.


Other students as young as 10 had to watch as militants shot their friends to death right in front of them. Media reports indicate that 132 children and nine staff members at the school died in the Peshawar attack. Another 121 people were injured in the attack, including three staffers. Twitter also alive with supportive comments As the graphic images and news reports continue to fill Twitter, users of the micro-blogging platform are also tweeting comments in support of the victims. Twitter users are using the hashtag #PeshawarAttack.

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