Pakistan-Russia Relations: Putin And Khan To Talk Strategy At SCO

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Pakistan – Russia: Relations Are Good

Pakistan and Russia are getting a long quite well in the 21st century. In fact, the two countries seem to be moving towards a close relationship; or at least a closer one than ever before. According to Pakistan’s Dunya News, Pakistan Russia relations are doing so well that the leaders of the two countries will be meeting privately at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) on June 14 in Bishek.

Sideline Meeting

The report says that the meeting between Vladimir Putin and Imran Khan will take place on the sidelines of the SCO. There will be other diplomats involved, including Pakistani Foreign Minister  Shah Mehmood Qureshi, the Minster of External Affairs, and several other important members of the Pakistani government. The meeting is expected to strengthen Pakistan Russia relations and help the countries move forward with a diplomatic partnership that will be good for both countries.

First Impressions

Meetings like this one are not thrown together at the last minute. Nor are they typically the fruit of the two leaders’ labor. Weeks, months, even years of labor go into making this type of meeting possible. Usually the brunt of the work falls on lower level diplomats from both countries working to come to agreements over various political topics. In some cases military officials and intelligence officers work together to begin developing a relationship between two powers. Pakistan Russia relations have finally progressed to the point where a meeting between the two leaders is the next logical step in the progression of building a working relationship. Each leader has only one opportunity to make a first impression on the other, and this meeting will be the key to moving forward for both countries.

Topics of Discussion

While the initial meet and greet is the surface reason for this meeting, there is much more at stake than just two men making the acquaintance of each other. Pakistan Russia relations have evolved over the last few years to the point where deal between the two countries could be worth billions of dollars. Russia signed and agreement with Pakistan just last year to explore the possibility of pipeline construction. The gas pipeline would cost nearly $10 billion to construct. According to Global Research, Pakistan may also be purchasing up to $9 billion in weapons from Russia in the near future. These two items of business, as well as the Taliban sponsored peace effort in Afghanistan will most likely be on the list for topics to discuss at the upcoming meeting. While all of these topics will almost certainly be discussed, it is almost equally certain we will not know the results of those discussions until later. Any decisions made on June 14 will probably remain undisclosed until tangible documentation is drawn up and delivered to parties concerned.

India vs Pakistan: Where does Putin stand?

India and Pakistan are bitter rivals, as the whole world knows. However, Russia is allies with both of these countries. So, where does the new Pakistan Russia relationship leave India? While India has a voice in the Russian government, it was not able to repress Pakistan in the effort to build a working relationship. India has worked overtime to stop Pakistan from working together with Russia, but it appears that has all been in vain. Much to the credit of Putin and his cabinet, the relationship with Pakistan has been built and is now beginning to look promising for both countries.

The Balance of Power

Pakistan Russia relations are on the cusp of being quite profitable for both countries. Russia’s relations with India and other countries are already established. In order for Putin to maintain those relationships, he must now find himself walking a political tightrope. He cannot pay more attention to Pakistan than to India, nor can the reverse be true. If one country feels they are outweighed by the other, then it is possible that country will walk away from the table. This would hurt Russia, and cost years of work by officials on both sides of the border. It will be interesting to watch Pakistan – Russia relations develop over the next few years.

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