Ottawa War Memorial Shooting: At Least 2 Shot

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CBC News is now reporting that the gunman who shot a soldier at the Ottawa War Memorial this morning also shot and killed one person inside Parliament. Witnesses and police also said there were more gunshots in other areas around Parliament Hill. One of those other shots was reportedly fired east of Parliament Hill close to Chateau Laurier.

Officers are now searching cars that are heading out of Ottawa going toward Quebec. They said the person who was shot and killed inside the Parliament is one suspect and that they believe there may have been more than one gunman.

All three of the main party leaders are said to be safe. Schools in the area are on lockdown.


CBC News is reporting that a man with a rifle shot a soldier who was standing guard at the Ottawa War Memorial. A Parliament cafeteria worker said he saw a man in a car carrying a rifle.

Another witness said he saw a man wearing blue jeans and a scarf running with a double-barrel shotgun. He said the man jumped the fence at Parliament Hill and forced someone out of their car before driving to the front of the Parliament building fired two or more gunshots.

Other witnesses reportedly said they hear more gunshots on nearby Parliament Hill. It’s unclear whether anyone else has been injured.

Parliament on lockdown

The Parliament buildings in Canada are on lockdown this morning after reports of an active shooter at the Canadian War Memorial in Ottawa. At least one soldier in uniform has been shot and wounded, according to reports from the BBC and other media outlets.

Police are on the scene, and media are reporting that “dozens” of shots were fired, although other reports suggest that only three shots were fired. Reports on Twitter suggest that there was a body lying outside the Library of Parliament and that it’s unclear whether the person is dead or alive.

Canadian media are reporting that the gunman remains at large. Witnesses reportedly saw a male running toward the Parliament buildings. The Canadian Prime Minister’s office reports that Prime Minister Stephen Harper has left the Parliament buildings. Soldiers are now said to be searching the Parliament buildings for the gunman.

Shooting follows threat level increase

The shooting comes as Canada raised its terror threat level from low to medium. Officials said they raised the nation’s threat level because of an increase in internet chatter from the Islamic State, al-Qaeda and other radical groups.

A spokesperson said that they the threat level was increased because “intelligence has indicated that an individual or group within Canada or abroad has the intent and capability to commit an act of terrorism.”

They raised the threat level after Quebec police killed a Muslim convert who hit two soldiers with his car.

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