Oregon School Shooting: 1 Student Dead, Suspect Also Killed [UPDATED]

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At a press conference following the Oregon school shooting this morning, police say one student was gunned down at Reynolds High School in Troutdale, Ore. According to USA Today, officials later confirmed that the shooter was also deceased. At this point it is unclear exactly how the suspect died. A student who was in the school at the time of the shooting told reporters that one of the teachers had been wounded in the shooting as well. However, officials have not yet confirmed that or whether there were any other injuries.

A student told USA Today that he heard the shooting happened in the gym, which was where he would have been if he had not missed the school bus. There are still no indications about what may have led to the shooting, but police say the gunman used a semiautomatic weapon. Thus far neither the name of the victim nor the name of the gunman has been released by police. Students have since been evacuated from the school and are being bussed to a nearby shopping center to be reunited with their parents.

Those on the scene of the shooting are tweeting using the hashtag #RHshooting. There were earlier reports from the Oregonian that suggested there were three shooters at the school. However, the newspaper has since corrected its reports to say that there was just a lone gunman.


Police are on alert after an Oregon school shooting. It was reported within the last hour. A spokesperson with the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office confirmed to local media that there was an active shooter on the campus of Reynolds High School but that a suspect in the shooting is dead.

Early details about the Oregon school shooting

Details about the situation are still coming in, but multiple TV stations in Portland are reporting shots fired at the high school. Those on the scene report that several emergency vehicles and many police officers are on the scene of the high school. Officials also called a LifeFlight medical helicopter in. Troutdale Mayor Doug Daoust reportedly told MSNBC that they heard gunshots.

Daaoust also said the reports of gunfire came in just as students and teachers were arriving to begin the school day. The school is reportedly on lockdown right now. Students were supposed to be taking final exams today and tomorrow, which is the last day of school for the year.

Three shooters possible, but report unconfirmed

The Washington Post is reporting that some people have been injured in the Oregon school shooting, but at this point, the number of injuries and the severity of them are unknown. According to The Oregonian, there were three shooters at the Oregon high school, although two of them fled the scene. The newspaper reports via its Twitter feed that one of the three shooters was captured at a church across the street from the school.

However, 6ABCBreaking is reporting via its Twitter feed that one suspect is dead in the Oregon school shooting. The Associated Press is also reporting that it has confirmed that a suspect in the shooting is dead and that officials have stabilized the situation at Reynolds High School. Reporter Matthew Keys tweeted that according to police, the Oregon school shooting suspect was carrying an AR-15 assault rifle and wearing a bulletproof vest.

At this point though, many of the reports that are coming in have not been verified by police or sheriff’s deputies. Officials are planning to hold a news conference shortly to provide more information.


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