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These Photos Were Taken By OnePlus 5, Check Out The Quality

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OnePlus 3T has been available in the market only for a few months, but consumers are already looking forward to its successor. The next-gen device will not be called OnePlus 4, as numerous rumors and leaks have pointed out. The number “4” is associated with bad luck in the Chinese culture. So, we are going to see OnePlus 5 this year rather than OnePlus 4.

OnePlus 5 to feature dual-camera setup, hints the second photo

Folks at TrueTech have reportedly obtained images captured by the OnePlus 5 rear camera. The images were provided by the same leaker who had given TrueTech accurate information in the past. How do you know that the photos were taken by OnePlus 5 and not by any other device? The metadata or EXIF info of the photos reveal the phone’s model number: A5000.

OnePlus 5 Image-1
Image Source: True-tech.net

The model number is in line with the previous OnePlus model numbers. The OnePlus 3 was A3000. The OnePlus 5 was seen passing through the Chinese 3C certification in mid-April. The 3C certification tipped the phone’s model number to be A5000. The same model number was also confirmed in the Chinese Radio Regulation Authority database.

OnePlus 5 Image-2
Image Source: True-tech.net

Additionally, the longitude and latitude in the EXIF info point to the pictures having been taken in Shenzen, China. OnePlus is based out of Shenzen, where the device is reportedly being tested. The second of the four images shows a slight blur, indicating that the phone will have a dual-camera setup on the back. Previously leaked images have also pointed to a vertically-placed dual-camera system.

OnePlus 5 Image-3
Image Source: True-tech.net

A photography expert told TrueTech after analyzing the pictures and EXIF data that the OnePlus 5 could sport dual 16MP main cameras. Previously, there have been reports of 23MP dual cameras. The photography expert added that one of the cameras will take wide-angle photos to capture depth information. The smartphone is rumored to have 16-megapixel front camera for selfies.

OnePlus 5 Image-4
Image Source: True-tech.net

It’s worth pointing out that the EXIF data can easily be faked. Take the photo leak with a bit of skepticism. Anyway, many other leaks have also suggested the dual-camera system, which should help OnePlus match or beat its rivals in the camera department. It would also help users take better images in low-light conditions.

OnePlus 5 design and display

According to leaked images obtained by India Today, the OnePlus 5 will retain the design elements of the OnePlus 3T, which was launched in November last year. You can expect it to have brushed aluminum frame with rounded edges. However, the antenna lines will be placed such that the back cover looks seamless. The next-gen OnePlus phone is expected to be available in gray, black, and gold colors. A few reports also point to a ceramic body. The device is said to be only 7mm in thickness, meaning it will be slightly thinner than OnePlus 3T.

In terms of display, the OnePlus 5 is rumored to feature a 5.5-inch QHD screen with 2560 x 1440 resolution. The Chinese Android vendor is expected to add an edge-to-edge display similar to the Galaxy S8. The bezel-less display has become a trend lately. Opting for a bezel-less display means there will be no room for physical home button. So, the fingerprint sensor could be moved to the back panel or embedded in the display.

OnePlus 5 hardware specs

The upcoming flagship smartphone is said to feature 8GB RAM, up from 6GB RAM in OnePlus 3T. OnePlus phones are seen as “flagship killer,” meaning they offer high-end specs at mid-range prices. So, we can expect the device to run the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset. It will be competing against the Galaxy S8, LG G6, and iPhone 8.

A report claimed in February that the Chinese company would increase the internal storage capacity to 256GB. The current OnePlus 3T packs a 3400mAh battery. The new phone is said to pack a bigger 4,000mAh battery. The device is also rumored to feature fast-charging capability, wireless charging, and USB Type-C port. You can expect it to run OxygenOS on top of Android 7.1.1.

OnePlus 5 price and release date

The Chinese company has always priced its devices in the mid-range. The OnePlus 3T had a slightly higher price tag than OnePlus 3. The upcoming flagship is rumored to be priced between $400 and $500 depending on the storage options. The 256GB variant may cost close to $500.

Speculations suggest the OnePlus 5 would be unveiled in the second quarter. The company does not have a fixed launch schedule, which confuses its fans. OnePlus launched its first flagship phone in April 2014; the second generation arrived in July 2015; the OnePlus 3 launched in June 2016, and the latest OnePlus 3T hit the stores in November.

The OnePlus 5 was previously expected to be announced at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. Now the rumor mill expects it to arrive by the end of June, which would help it attract customers who might otherwise opt for the Galaxy S8 or LG G6. Alternatively, OnePlus may launch its next flagship in November, exactly one year after the OnePlus 3T rollout.

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