Oakmount And Partners Ltd And The Art Of Investment; Diversification And Creativity

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Usually labelled as a ‘game of luck,’ investment is one of the most innovative ways to build wealth. Contrary to popular belief, investing is a skill that requires much more than just ‘good luck.’

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Choosing The Best Investment Option

Indeed, part of it is luck, but intelligence, intellect, and stern observation are vital contributors to an investor’s success. There are many investment options in the market, starting from simple savings account to stocks, bonds and art, real estate, and precious metals, to name but a few.

Choosing the best investment option is one of the most critical stages for an investor, and it requires knowledge and a thorough understanding of the market. When it comes to that, many investors choose to put their money in one single place, especially those with less experience. After they get to experience a handsome return on investment (ROI) from one particular investment stream, investors tend to stick to it.

A famous figure of speech; ''A jack of all trades & master of none''.

A person who tries to do everything at once may never touch the peaks of success. People know and understand that success comes when the mind is fixated on one goal. While this holds true when a person’s career is in question, it is an entirely different story about investment. To become a successful investor, a person must always look for ways to diversify their investment portfolio.

Oakmount and Partners Ltd

Portfolio Diversification

Diversification of a portfolio is essential to reduce the loss of risks resulting from economic fluctuation. Incorporating variety and diversifying the portfolio leads to the highest returns and lowest risk. Emphasising prudent investment portfolio diversification is the London-based firm, Oakmount and Partners Ltd.

Believing diversification to be an investor’s best defence amidst a financial crisis or downturn, Glenn King founded this investment consultancy firm in 2009.


Even though investment is an intelligent option to acquire wealth, it demands extensive knowledge and understanding of the market with a mindset that can make wise and informed decisions.

Oakmount and Partners Ltd offers investment and financial services to high-net-worth professional investors. King founded this consultancy firm with a mission to help investors enjoy attractive ROIs while reducing volatility, preserving capital, and increasing performance.

With this mission, the company began spreading awareness about portfolio diversification. Since its inception in 2009, the consultancy firm has been persistent about the real value in the investment world. The firm’s service portfolio includes consultancy for land acquisition and development, real estate, clean energy, commodities, green mining, tech and IPO investments.

Oakmount And Partners Ltd: A Helping Hand For Investors

King’s purpose in building the company was to provide investors with the help they need to succeed and maintain wealth. Not every person is a born investor; some require external support to gain momentum in the investment market. Oakmount and Partners Ltd was set up to be that helping hand that investors need. The company experts assist investors in making the most prudent choices and help them with investment portfolio diversification. It has spent more than a decade in the industry and has helped countless individuals become well-reputed investors in the market.

The efforts of this Trustpilot-certified business are acknowledged by its clients globally. The firm introduces attractive annual yields of up to 12%. Its popularity among the investors led it to be chosen as the Best Corporate Investment Consultancy in 2020 by the UK Enterprise Awards. ‘Oakmount and Partners are known for being helpful, friendly, and extremely skilled at what they do, often bringing impressive investment returns that exceed all expectations.’ The industry acknowledges the firm’s efforts to continually investigate new and enhanced strategies to better serve its clients' financial purposes, goals, and ambitions.

With a team of investment consultancy professionals, Oakmount and Partners Ltd is making its way to becoming a global premier investment consultancy firm. Over time, the firm has done justice to its mission to help people advance their finances. One of the most powerful aspects of this company is its ability to tailor its solutions for different investors. The team does that by introducing a range of premium quality investment opportunities to its clients that usually comprise ultra-high-net-worth, high-net-worth, sophisticated investors and corporate platforms, entrepreneurs, and intermediaries.

The Best Investment Specialists

Oakmount and Partners Ltd, which hit rock bottom in 2014 after it was cloned, has become more robust than ever and was recently voted as the Best Investment Specialists 2020 by the SME UK Finance Awards. As of 2021, the company’s team comprises several highly enthusiastic employees, each with expertise in the investment markets.

Together with their CEO Glenn King, they aim to turn Oakmount and Partners into a world-class investment consultancy that seeks to assist investors globally with premium quality opportunities. The firm plays a crucial role in spreading the word about portfolio diversification and risk management, which are the perfect tools for investing prudently.

This multi-award-winning firm serves as a helping hand of strategic support for its investors, both locally and globally, to create sustainable long-term wealth.