Michael Novogratz, Larry Robbins, Leon Cooperman, Lee Ainslie On Finding Value In Charitable Giving

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Leon Cooperman gave away $100 million in the last 12 months. The billionaire investor discusses the importance of giving and some of his favorite philanthropic organizations, including his own Cooperman Scholars program.

Hedge Fund Manager Leon Cooperman Finds Value in Charitable Giving

Michael Novogratz on Hedge Funds and Philanthropy

As a shrinking percentage of the population accounts for an ever greater percentage of the goods, it’s important to focus on not just who’s giving away money but who has the biggest impact.

Hedge Funds Are on a Mission to Overhaul Education

Every child should have the same basic access to education, regardless of background — and Glenview Capital’s Larry Robbins is among a number of hedge fund managers supporting education reform to ensure that happens.

How Hedge Funds Influence Philanthropy: Culture of Cooperation

Maverick Capital’s Lee Ainslie believes hedge funds bring an investment mindset to philanthropy that has helped improve the outcomes of philanthropic investments.

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