Nokia 6 2018 Revealed, Featuring Major Upgrades

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We’ve been anticipating the reveal of the Nokia 6 2018 for quite some time, and the second generation of Nokia’s popular phone has just been revealed, featuring some pretty major upgrades when compared to its predecessor.

The Nokia Revival

In recent years, the Nokia brand has been underutilized. As smartphones have become more and more common – to the point where a “dumb phone” is nearly unheard of – Nokia was behind the times and had basically disappeared for quite some time. When Microsoft sold the brand off to HMD Global, however, the brand experienced a revival that has, thus far, been pretty successful.

The company is mainly focusing on offering affordable devices – some being just basic cell phones available at a budget price, and others launched as fully-fledged Android smartphones that are worthy competitors in the low and mid-range scene.

The upgrade with the Nokia 6 2018 comfortably brings the phone from a low-end to mid-range device while keeping a similar price tag, so it’s bound to be a hit with budget-conscious consumers.

The Nokia 6 2018

The Nokia 6 2018 is a second generation revamp of the Nokia 6 – originally released in January of 2017. This reimagined model keeps a lot of what made the original phone a hit, but improves upon its predecessor with upgraded specifications that add a lot of power to this affordable handset.

While luxury flagships are retailing for up to $1000, the Nokia 6 2018 comes in at around $230. This is a stark difference, and while there’s definitely a big difference in power and features when compared to a high-end phone, the Nokia 6 2018 is still a capable little device that will suit the needs of the majority of users.

Perhaps the most notable of the upgrades is the processor, with the Nokia 6 2018 featuring a Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 processor – a massive upgrade from the Snapdragon 430 included in last year’s device. The processor upgrade alone will make a huge difference in the power and fluidity of the phone, making it more than worth a buy if you’re currently rocking the 2017 model. Other improvements include more RAM at 4GB rather than 3GB, and a new USB-C port that can bring the device up to 50 percent power in 30 minutes, rather than the outdated Micro USB technology from its predecessor.

The overall design of the phone remains pretty much the same, although the fingerprint scanner was relocated from the front to the back of the phone. The device is actually a tad smaller than the previous device and is around 1mm thicker – but the difference should be barely noticeable. Despite the smaller size, the Nokia 6 2018 retains the 5.5-inch 1080p screen and 16-megapixel rear camera. The phone will be available with either 32GB or 64GB of storage, which is expandable up to 128GB via microSD.

Currently, the Nokia 6 2018 is available for preorder in China for ¥1499, which is around $230. There’s no word on whether the phones will be coming to other markets anytime soon, but given HMD Global’s previous launches, it’s likely that we’ll see the device available in Europe and the United States just a few months after the Chinese launch.

It remains to be seen how well the Nokia 6 2018 will perform, but given the massive improvements over last year’s model, it’s definitely a device worth a second look.

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