The Nokia 9 And Nokia 6 Both Could Launch In January

The Nokia 9 And Nokia 6 Both Could Launch In January
Image Source: HualuBro / (screenshot)

The Nokia 9 and Nokia 6 recently received 3C certifications, indicating that we could see a January 2018 release for both phones.

Nokia 9 and Nokia 6 Release Date

After Nokia was acquired by HMD Global for $350 million as Microsoft parted with the phone assets of the struggling company. Despite not being a major player in the smartphone market in recent years, they have seen high sales around the world with many of their models, so many were excited when news came that new Nokia branded phones would be launched once again. Recent images indicating certifications of the Nokia 9 and Nokia 6 suggest we could be seeing these new Nokia iterations sooner, rather than later.

The Nokia 6 recently went through TENAA, a necessary part of any smartphone launch with China, with the model number TA-1054 — but it apparently wasn’t alone. The Nokia 9 appears to have passed through the organization’s certification process as well, with a number of TA-1042.

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Both phones have received 3C certifications, and we’ll likely see the announcement and launch of both phones in January. A Nokia event at January 19th is expected to star the Nokia 9, but it’s looking increasingly likely that we’ll see an appearance from the Nokia 6 and Nokia 8 as well. The Nokia 6 is an updated version of a phone by the same name that released on January 19th of this year. A gap of exactly a year between the two phones makes the upcoming launch look likely, as the majority of manufacturers have been sticking to yearly releases when it comes to updating their product families. There’s also a possibility we could see some Nokia-related news at CES this year on January 9-12.

Nokia 9 and Nokia 6 Features and Specs

There have been several leaks for the Nokia 9 and Nokia 6, giving us some insight into what exactly we can expect from the phone. While some of these have yet to be confirmed, the certification through TENAA lists some specifications that are pretty safe to assume will be present in the upcoming phones.

The new models will likely feature an 18:9 aspect ratio, as is popular with the majority of new flagships. The Nokia 9 is expected to look similar to the Nokia 8 with a large display and waterproofing, but there’s also apparently an updated Nokia 8 reboot on the way as well. What exactly the Nokia 9 will do to set itself apart from the updated models of older Nokia phones remains to be seen.

The Nokia 6 specifications listed in the TENAA documentation shows an 18:9 display as well, with a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor. The camera will also be a single-sensor model.

We’ll have to wait til the impending announcement and release, presumably in January, to get more detailed information on what these new models are packing. It’s impossible to know with certainty that the phones will launch on the 19th, but considering past history as well as this recent certification, it’s almost a guarantee.

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