Silver White Nokia 6 Now Available For Preorder In China

Silver White Nokia 6 Now Available For Preorder In China
Hermann / Pixabay

The list of color choices for the Nokia 6 is growing rapidly in China. Today a silver white variant of it appeared on, one of the world’s biggest retailers. It’s available for preorder now.

Number of Nokia 6 options in China is growing

When HMD Global revealed the newest line of Nokia-branded phones at the Mobile World Congress earlier this year, the 4GB variant of the Nokia 6 was introduced only in black. There were multiple colors showcased for the 3GB version at that time, however. The black 4GB Nokia 6 has now been available in China for some time, but now, it has been joined by a silver option, which is up for preorder and will become available on April 11.

Currently, (only in China) is offering a silver white Nokia 6 with 32GB of storage and a more expensive 6 with 64GB of storage. The variant with the smaller amount of storage is on sale for 1,499 yuan, while the 64GB variant is selling for 1,699 yuan. It should also be noted that the 64GB variant features near-field communication, while the 32GB model does not have it.  The price of the silver white variant is the same as the black one, which is interesting given OEMs’ recent trend of pricing certain colors higher than others because they believe those colors will be more popular than th