A Fix For The Nintendo Switch’s Playtime Glitch Is Coming Soon

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The Nintendo Switch has now been out for a little over a year, and fans are still spending quite a lot of time on it. Unfortunately, those who were among the first to buy a Switch and are enjoying watching how many hours of playtime they’ve been racking up have probably noticed a problem. The console seems to be resetting playtime after the user has been playing it for one year, but there’s good news. There’s a fix for the playtime glitch on the Nintendo Switch, and it’s coming soon.

The earliest Nintendo Switch players noticed days before its first birthday that the amount of playtime listed for the games they had started playing on the day the console launched had been reset. Instead of saying how many days they had been playing the games, the Switch listed them as having been first played zero days ago. In other words, the console wasn’t registering that they had ever played the titles at all.

It didn’t take long for Switch fans to notice this playtime glitch and express frustration about it. However, Nintendo of America is reassuring Nintendo Switch fans that the playtime glitch is only affecting the amount of time they’re seeing and that the console continues to keep track of the real amount of playtime in the background. On Twitter, Nintendo explained that it will push out a system update soon to fix the playtime glitch so that the Switch will again show the correct number of days since a game was first played.

Nintendo Force also confirmed on Twitter that the playtime glitch on the Nintendo Switch is just temporary. The media outlet tweeted that the amount of playtime disappears for 10 days but returns on the 11th day.

Since the Nintendo Switch was released on March 3, 2017, sales have been brisk, with many retailers having trouble keeping it in stock. The Japanese gaming giant needed a home run with the console, and it certainly got one. There’s also been a steady stream of new games for the console, and we should hear more about what new titles are coming tomorrow during the next Nintendo Direct event.

One of the most highly-anticipated games coming to the Nintendo Switch soon is Mario Tennis Aces, which is already available for preorder through Amazon. We expect to hear a lot more details about the game and other upcoming titles tomorrow during the Nintendo Switch event, but for now, here’s the list we have so far.

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