New Age GPS Tracking Device – Things You Need To Know

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GPS has made our life so easy – whether you need to track the location of your food delivery guy, cab, or that of your loved ones, everything has become simple. Still, when it comes to keeping track of the wellbeing of loved ones, you need to know more than just the location. Thus, you need to invest in a GPS tracking device that comes loaded with features that are advanced enough to give your loved ones the security that they need.

Here are features that we need in a GPS tracking device cum dash cam to ensure 100% safety and security of our loved ones.

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Video Recording + Live Video Streaming

We need a security device that can serve the purpose of both dash cam and a GPS tracker. Investing in a device that records everything going inside and outside the car in high-quality is the need of the hour. The feature of video recording helps keep a tab on the activities going inside the car. Another thing the device needs to have is the live video streaming feature. This feature will help look at the activities going on in the car on a real-time basis.

No Connectivity Working Mode

The need of the hour is to have a car security system that works even when there is no internet connectivity and offers a superior battery backup for uninterrupted services. Imagine the device getting switched off or going off the radar when it is most needed. Hence, when looking for a car security system, look for one that offers round the clock security.

Smart and Technologically Advanced Alerts

One doesn’t have the time to check the device constantly. It should be equipped with features that offer alerts for almost everything. If you happen to have a chauffeur driven car, you really don’t know the way your car is being treated in your absence. The device must be smart enough to send alerts like that of over speeding, engine idling, AC on in a parked car, and much more. With alerts like these, monitoring undisciplined chauffeur behavior will become a breeze.

2-Way Calling with Car Occupants

Imagine a device that lets you contact your family members in times when their mobile network is suffering fluctuations. Wouldn’t your life become easier?

All these features sound unbelievable to you? Well, not anymore! CamEye from the house of KENT is a new-age vehicle security system that offers all these features and a lot more. KENT CamEye offers live video streaming, location tracking, audio/video recording, intelligent alerts, cloud data storage, dual cameras, and more. The device has an 8GB internal memory that stores recorded videos when the pre-installed 4G sim is not receiving signals. The 720p camera with 120-degree FOV helps record clearer pictures while the light sensors enabled night mode helps record clear videos even when it is dark.

The device is fully designed and engineered in India and can be easily bought from Amazon. If you wish to take a demo of this dash cam cum GPS tracking device before buying, even that’s possible.

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