Netflix, Inc. Wins Three Awards At SAG 2015

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Following an impressive run at the recent Golden Globes awards, Netflix won three awards from the Screen Actors Guild (SAG)

Netflix, the leading video-streaming service provider, did exceptionally well at the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards on Sunday with three awards to its credit. Netflix shows were nominated in five categories, and won in  three.

Back to back success

The win at SAG follows an impressive showing by both Amazon and Netflix at the recent Golden Globes 2015 Awards. Orange is the New Black actress Uzo Aduba won the SAG award for outstanding comedy for the first time. Orange is the New Black also won the award for best comedy ensemble.

The Screen Actors Guild award for outstanding male actor in a drama series was won by the  House of Cards’ Kevin Spacey, who took home his second trophy for the 2015 award season. The first award was the Golden Globe for the lead actor in a drama. House of Cards from Netflix lost to PBS’ “Downton Abbey” in the contest for  the outstanding ensemble in a drama series

Netflix looking strong

The strength of the streaming services sector is further solidified with Netflix winning yet more awards. Nick Sandow of the “Orange Is The New Black believes that online streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon have a strong and growing presence, and, therefore, the broadcast television has bleak chances. “They are taking over. Network television is a dinosaur. It’s an early time for it to be over, but it’s going to be over without a question,” Sandow said.

The growing power of Netflix in the sector was explained by Mahershala Ali in a chat with Variety. Before the start of the SAG awards, the House of Cards actor said that among the three types of services, i.e. streaming services, broadcast and cable TV, there will always be some kind of sharing.

More competition will be created by this new outlet, which also ensure more jobs for the actors, the actor said. Ali added that competition is good as it ensures a focus on the quality, and “then also, to pull certain actors off of film, the material has got to be of quality to do something that is on the Internet.”

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