Netflix, Inc. – ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Is The 2nd Most Pirated Show

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Netflix, Inc. NASDAQ:NFLX original series Orange is the New Black is the second most pirated show in the World. The Dark humour series is a strong Emmy contender this year. However, Netflix like its TV rivals is clueless about how to stop online stealing of its shows.

Piracy a big threat for Netflix

Orange is the new Black grabbed the second spot only after HBO’s super hit series Games of Thrones, which is world’s most pirated show according to CEGTEK, a data service that tracks online piracy. Illegal downloads of the show OINTB that reached 60 million the first six months of this year, which is more than the company’s total users, according to a separate report last week by Internet data research firm Tru Optik.

Netflix has accepted that the piracy is the biggest challenge. In July, CEO Reed Hastings said in an interview that it is hard to fight piracy, which is not so deep rooted in the United States, but in other markets it continues to grow, and in coming years will be the biggest challenge in the way of business expansion.

As per the analysts, around millions of dollars are being stolen due to illegal downloads of video, music and book files through pirate sites such as Pirate Bay. Netflix, Inc.’s strategy on coming out with full-season at once might have encouraged people to upload and download more illegal content even faster.

“Releasing whole seasons at the same time makes it easier to pirate that kind of content,” said Jon Nicolini, chief technology officer at CEG Tek.

Torrenting to blame

The concern gripped the industry that even Netflix show is not spared of the illegal downloads, and there is no definite solution to stop this. Entertainment industry was counting on the Internet based services such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon to take a tough stand on those pirating the videos by making them pay or subscribe legally. However, it appears that even Netflix is not equipped enough to contain the online theft.

Pirating or better known as Torrenting in reference to the biggest file sharing site such as Bit Torrent has become extremely comfortable in the recent years, and according to the analysts younger Internet users find it easier to watch movies and shows for free. Watching shows like HBO Veep or Netflix House on Cards requires cable television, broadband service and Netflix, but with the torrent library at service the users can get the complete series at one place.

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