Nelson Peltz Says The Disney Proxy Fight Is Over

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Following is the unofficial transcript of a CNBC interview with Trian Partners Founder & CEO Nelson Peltz on CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street” (M-F, 9AM-11AM ET) today, Thursday, February 9th. Peltz called into CNBC following a network interview with Disney CEO Bob Iger and declared on-air that the Disney proxy fight is over.

Disney Proxy Fight Is Over, Says Billionaire Activist Investor Nelson Peltz

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JIM CRAMER: I would have to believe that Nelson Peltz who was mentioned and I think somewhat critically frankly, given the fact that I thought these two men at one time were friends has to like it why don’t we bring him in. Why don’t we bring him in to find out in an instant reaction to what David just got with Bob (Iger), Nelson is this one of those where you just declare victory? How are you doing?

NELSON PELTZ: Okay Jim, how are you?

CRAMER: Well, my charitable trust owns Disney I like what I heard. I really like what I heard Nelson.

PELTZ: These are exciting times. You know, Jim, my dad once told me that you can only win once. This was a great win for all the shareholders. Management at Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS) now plans to do everything that we wanted them to do. We wish the very best to Bob, his management team, the board. We will be watching. We will be rooting and the proxy fight is over.

CRAMER: Yes. Thank you for declaring victory in a gracious way. This was a huge win for you. I bet, I know you don't typically talk about but I'm going to ask you. How much money did you make?

PELTZ: Well, who’s counting?

CRAMER: Alright, well, I just, the viewers, the viewers want a count.

PELTZ: Everybody made money. Jimmy, everybody made money.

CRAMER: Well, that’s the best way to put it. And I know that you got previously before this you were friends. I think there's no reason that you can't be again that's just my view of things.


PELTZ: I agree. I'll pick up lunch or breakfast the next time I promise.

CRAMER: Well good, Carl, what do you think. Sounds like there's some graciousness here.

CARL QUINTANILLA: Is it the shortest fight you've ever seen?

CRAMER: Well how about it’s the W as in W. Nelson great job and I know that I wish you well and obviously Bob Iger maybe you call him tomorrow and wish him a happy birthday.

PELTZ: I'm definitely gonna do it. I didn't realize it until I watched your sound that it is his birthday. I might even send him a gift.

CRAMER: Well there you go. Anyway, look, thanks for calling in the proxy fight is over and Bob Iger delivered for everybody including Nelson Peltz. Thank you Nelson for calling in.