Here’s How Creating Routines Can Help Navigate This “New Normal”

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For the past year and a half, we have been witness to the devastating power of Covid-19 and its impact on every aspect of our lives. Even though we have progress in sight, many are heading back out into the world unsure of what to expect and how to adapt to the “new normal” of a post-pandemic society. But there are some effective, mindful ways that you can navigate through the “new normal.”

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Creating Routines  To Navigate The “New Normal”

Amelia Vogler, grounding expert and energy medicine specialist, highlights how the “new normal” is impacting our overall wellbeing:

Our new normal is, well, new and can be ungrounding, uncertain, and anxiety-producing. The new normal requires us to be honest with ourselves, to identify areas where we feel under-resourced, and to call forth our courage to be vulnerable to ask for what we need from others and the creativity to be our own healers,” says Amelia Vogler.

This “new normal” can feel daunting and overwhelming at times... impacting our mental and physical health in ways we never imagined. However, there is a simple way to help restore and improve your mental, physical and spiritual health during this time, says Amelia… creating new routines!

Creating a new routine is a deceptively simple strategy that offers a structure that supports a more balanced expression of your body, mind, and spirit. When our mind is grounded in a routine, it stops racing for the next “thing” to figure out. Since energy follows thought, a calm mind creates a quiet body and spirit. A routine becomes more than just the assigned time blocks in our daily calendar; it creates a structure that helps ground us. This type of body-mind-and-spirit grounding gives us more access to our creative thinking and our inspired problem-solving.

So, what are some mind-body focused strategies that can assist in the creation of new lifestyle practices? And, how can I stick with them?

“New lifestyle practices are born of self-inquiry. These practices start with the question, ‘Who am I now?’ Because we are multi-dimensional beings, the answer to this question is multi-dimensional. Our physical bodies might require more sleep and rest or different supplementation. Our mental self might need space and quiet. Our emotional self might need connection with fewer people. Our spiritual self might need inspiration or long walks in nature.  Mind-body strategies like meditation, affirmation work, energy healing, or yoga help us get in touch with these many dimensions of ourselves. We begin to understand ourselves beyond the physical, emotional, mental, and physical parts and begin to understand ourselves as an integrated being. It is the needs from our integrated self that we can architect new lifestyle practices that will truly nourish, support, and be sustaining practices.”