Naked Palm Beach Sniper Threatening Passersby

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A report from the Palm Beach County Alerts’ Facebook page indicates that there’s a naked gunman rolling around on top of a building

Palm Beach officials have surrounded a building where a naked man with a gun is reportedly on a sniper perch, reports the Broward / Palm Beach New Times. Authorities with the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office and Palm Beach Fire and Rescue have apparently surrounded the building on Federal Highway in Lake Worth.

Details on the Palm Beach sniper situation

A report from the Palm Beach County Alerts’ Facebook page indicates that the man is naked and rolling around on top of the building’s rooftop. The report also states that he’s acting very psychotic and is armed with a handgun. The gunman is also said to be threatening to shoot any police officers or passing civilians he sees.

Officials have shut down the roads in the area and evacuated nearby buildings. Several Facebook users who have seen the post and are in the area commented on it and said traffic is jammed there.

Here’s the full Facebook post from Palm Beach County Alerts:

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Post by Palm Beach County Alerts.

Sniper appears to be mentally unstable

Further updates from Palm Beach County Alerts indicate that at one point, the sniper reportedly had the gun in his mouth. At least one commenter to the page said the man has only threatened to harm himself, which clearly contradicts what the original Facebook post states. The person added that officials evacuated the area because the sniper reportedly fired one shot, most likely up in the air.


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