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Mysterious Crop Circle In Russia Is Samsung’s Latest PR Stunt

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Samsung has claimed responsibility for a mysterious crop circle that recently appeared in the cornfields of Rostov-on-Don, Russia last weekend. The company is launching its latest smartwatch the Samsung Gear S2 in Russia, and in honor of the launch, it decided to get people talking by drawing a massive 10,000 square-meter crop circle in the shape of the Gear S2.

Samsung gets Russia’s attention

Crop circles have been mysteriously appearing in farm fields in many parts of the world for centuries, but most of the time, it’s unknown what caused those circles. Many attribute them to aliens, a.k.a. visitors from another world. Ironically, the people in Russia could still say these latest crop circles were done by an alien, as Samsung is based on Korea, technically making it a foreigner from another land or, to Russia anyway, an alien in the technical sense of the word (although not the popular use).

The Samsung Gear S2-shape drawn in the fields appeared last weekend, and Russian farmers have been buzzing about it ever since. Samsung put together a video showing how it created the massive shape, which we’ve embedded below. The company claims that it didn’t harm any “essential crops” in creating the shape. RZ Agro assisted in the creation of the shape.

Mysterious Crop Circle In Russia Is Samsung's Latest PR Stunt

“Samsung Mobile Russia head Arcady Graf said in a statement: “We thought we would leverage the mystery of crop circles to highlight our circular theme and celebrate the launch of the new Galaxy Gear S2. We’re so proud of this device we wanted to introduce it in a big fun way.  What’s bigger or more fun than a 10,000 sqm image of the new Samsung Gear S2?”

It appears as if Samsung is following a trend set by the Apple Watch, as the new Gear S2 features a circular shape and a spinning bezel for navigation, a feature Apple has emphasized with a fancy name: the Digital Crown.

Russia no stranger to crop circles

Over the summer, a different set of mysterious crop circles appeared in Russia. A drone was sent to investigate a circles in Adygea in June. There have also been sightings of other crop circles in many other parts of Russia.

Earlier this month, there were also speculations that aliens from outer space visited Russia when a mysterious-looking corpse was discovered. Scientists don’t believe the corpse is either fish or fowl and are puzzled by it.

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