Microsoft’s New Paint App For Windows 10 Adds With 3D Support

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Microsoft has not updated its Paint tool in the recent releases of Windows, but the Windows 10 version of this iconic tool will reportedly be a complete overhaul. Twitter user WalkingCat shared a demo video of the new app, showing that it has been designed to complement Windows 10.

What the new Paint app offers

According to the video, the new “Paint Preview” app includes all the familiar features, plus 3D object support, which is very useful for HoloLens. Using 3D object support, users will be able to design 3D objects and annotate them. The software giant is adding several markers, art tools and brushes to help users create objects.  All these tools look touch- and pen-friendly, and their interface is a mix of 2D images, stickers, community tools for 3D content and 3D models, notes The Verge. The speed of the app appears good.

“Most Universal Windows apps, Office excluded, often fail to demonstrate the potential for the platform and rarely include advanced features that are often found in desktop apps,” notes a separate report from the Verge by Tom Warren, who got a chance to test the new Paint app.

What the app lacks for now

Warren says the app works well, and the basis features were easier to use with fingers compared to the previous version of the app. The app, however, lacks layering support. According to Warren, it could be because the leaked app is an old alpha copy. Another useful feature missing are helpful shortcuts, something we find me in apps like Photoshop, and there is no support for opening multiple files at the same time, says Warren.

In the video, Microsoft has done a good job at showcasing the 3D object support, but the majority of the objects in this alpha version suffer from some pixilation issues, notes Warren. But it is likely that Microsoft will fix the issue in the final version of the app.

“It feels like a basic photo editing / object creation tool, and that’s probably exactly what Microsoft is aiming for,” says Warren.

More details from Microsoft soon

Previously, there have been leaks suggesting that there was a Windows 10 version of Paint in the works. There were leaked screenshots in May, but it appears that the work has progressed a lot since then. Microsoft is currently testing early alpha versions of the app, and the video suggests it may soon be released to the public. The company is expected to share more information on the tool at its Windows 10 and Surface event later this month.

The Paint app video comes just hours after Microsoft announced its plans to host a special event later this month in New York City. There are rumors that a new Surface device could be showcased at the event, with many saying it could be an all-in-one desktop PC. Citing sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans, The Verge says such a PC would target creatives and that the company is developing software and hardware to boost the use of traditional inputs, pen and stylus on a desktop PC. This new app fits perfectly into that.

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