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Microsoft Corporation May Be Planning A New Surface Device

Microsoft will cease production of the Surface 3 was rumored widely this December. Following this, now there are reports that the Redmond-based firm could be making a new Surface device for release this year. Recently Subhan Chemburkar – an app developer – visited the Microsoft offices, and posted photos on Twitter hinting at the new product.

2016 release – a mystery

Chemburkar’s visit to Microsoft’s building 88 helped him with images of a wall displaying Microsoft’s Surface hardware releases thus far, including cards that read “coming soon.” The U.S.-based tech company has a wall dedicated to its hardware efforts over the years, including the updated Surface Pen and Type Cover, Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book.  Some of the cards display ‘2017,’ and one of them is labeled ‘2016,’ suggesting the firm is now gearing to release a new Surface device.

Microsoft is believed to be working on a successor to both its Surface Book and Surface Pro 4. Both Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 are due for release next year. The 2017 cards shown in the photos by Chemburkar clearly relate to these new devices, but the 2016 device remains a mystery for now.

What this new upcoming hardware will be is still not certain, but according to DigiTimes, it will be an AIO alternative of the Surface Book. The track record of the site is not very reliable, so we will have to wait for the official news.

Though Microsoft has still not confirmed what hardware it is working on for this year, sources familiar with the Microsoft’s Surface plans told The Verge, the company is working on several different ‘PC form factors.’

Potent tool against Apple devices

For Microsoft, Surface is a dream machine brand. The current Surface devices are the best implementation of Microsoft’s vision of mobile computing. The range of Surface acts like a magnet as well. It gives the customers something tangible to focus their desires on. Also, the Surface and Surface Pro devices compare favorably with the iPad and iPad Pro tablets. And, a Surface Book can hold the MacBook Pro as its competition.

Also, the release of a Surface for the desktop will hike not only the promotional opportunities, but the consumer awareness of Office, Windows and other Microsoft’s software portfolio as well. Moreover, a desk-bound Surface device will be compared with Apple’s Mac range of hardware. And, if that occurs then the former tech company can paint itself as the underdog fighting against the establishment machine.