Meryl Witmer On Her Top Three Picks For 2016

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Meryl Witmer On Her Top Three Picks For 2016 via Barron’s 

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Witmer: The market has fallen sharply and quickly, creating some good opportunities for us. Axalta Coating Systems [AXTA] is one. It trades for $25 a share and has about 245 million shares outstanding, including options. The company manufactures specialty paints for cars, trucks, and industrial machinery. The management team, together with Carlyle Group, bought the business from DuPont [DD] at the beginning of 2013, and took it public in the fall of 2014 at $19.50 a share. Our investment thesis begins with management, which has done an exceptional job in continuing to build the company. DuPont milked it for cash, but Axalta’s chief executive, Charles Shaver, and chief financial officer, Robert Bryant, transformed the business by bringing in top talent, implementing accountability across the organization, and investing for growth.








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Meryl Witmer: This Stock Could Rise 60%
1/30/2016 12:13AM
The Roundtable veteran makes the case for Axalta auto paint and coating company, an undervalued spinoff that could prove recession-proof.




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