Meet Zain Hollywood The 8yr Old Phenom

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A Deep Dive into the Life of One of the Most Exciting American Prodigies in the World

Zain Hollywood (legal name Zain Muhammad), is a prominent American Football prodigy born in July, 7th, 2012. He is most well known for being personally trained by the former Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback (Quincy Carter) even though he is only eight years old, as well as for being the current number one quarterback prospect in the U.S. for the 2030 class. 

A sign of the prolific attention he has received, Hollywood has appeared on a variety of industry-leading TV outlets- including SportsCenter, ESPN, Texas Fox News, ABC News, and Yahoo. He has received profound feedback from a plethora of star NFL figures- including Mohammed Sanu, Antonio Brown, Vince Young, Roc Carmichael and eminent NFL Analyst James Jones- who has even been spotted attending one of Hollywood’s American football games. 

Other notable achievements include becoming a twenty-two time Flag Football Champion and a three-time winner of the Flag Football World Championship Tours (FFWCT) in three different divisions.

Early life: Career Development and Overt Potential

Even though Zain Hollywood started practising American Football from the age of five years old, his father took note of his limitless potential quite a lot sooner. 

When Zain was six months old, Zain’s father (Wali Muhammad), remembers getting a ‘’twinkle’’ in his eye after witnessing his son throwing a bottle randomly around the room in a ‘’somewhat of a spiral’’ movement.

‘’You know what, that’s my guy’’- he quickly said. 

Zain has had a special relationship with his father; the inseparable duo have travelled all over the U.S. to ensure they attend sufficient quarterback camps and world-class competitions, as well as liaise with industry-leading figures (including former NFL superstars) who can pass on crucial advice and game-expertise to Hollywood. Most recently, the pair worked with the one-time University of South Florida quarterback Baylin Trujillo allowing Zain to significantly expand his overall knowledge and develop his competitive mindset.  


Regardless of his undeniable pool of talent, it should be duly noted that Zain’s love for the sport of American Football- in conjunction with his principled mindset, have meant that he consistently trains ‘’nearly’’ every day. 

‘’We never take days off…….we’re not [at] Disney, or anywhere else we’re here training’’.- Wali Muhammad, father of Zain Hollywood. 

Zain’s Football Game: NFL Models

Zain Hollywood has said that he models his game primarily after the current American football quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens, Lamar Jackson (whom he regularly watches). 

Quite humorously, Zain was labelled as Lamar Jakson ‘’2.0’’ during his brief appearance on Sunday Night Football on NBC- an indication of the potential similarities between Zain and the prominent NFL star, particularly in relation to their relentless style and innovative play in the sphere of American Football.   

 The up-and-coming prodigy additionally monitors a variety of other sport greats according to his father.

“He models his game after the league’s greats’’. These include ‘’Kyler Murray, Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady.’’- Wali Muhammad, Zain Hollywood’s father. 

A Fight for Social Equality

Zain Hollywood is a passionate proponent of social equality, and has dedicated all of his future American football matches to the dynamic social changes that he wants to see the world undergo by the time he is of age to compete in the NFL. 


He regularly donates to charity with his father, and he has spent countless hours contributing and giving back to his community by regularly purchasing food for the homeless around his neighbourhood and consistently sponsoring underprivileged individuals who cannot afford to join an American Football Club by offering them exclusive 1 to 1 coaching sessions completely for free.


This is also done with children who suffer from mental and physical conditions and have special needs, ensuring no one is left behind.

Final Take

Utilizing his extensive charisma, talent, and prolific support, the young superstar Zain Hollywood is indubitably going places. At the early age of eight, Hollywood has already: appeared in a variety of high-focus news outlets, received a robust degree of support from some of the NFL’s most notable names, and encompassed a plethora of sponsors. 

It is doubtlessly an exciting time for the Hollywood family.