Meet the Brand Worn by Christina Kim: Oahu Golf Apparel

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A Detailed Overlook of the Importance of Altruistic Sponsorships within the Golf Industry

  • Altruistic Golf Apparel Company Tackles Gender and Social Disparities within their Sport.
  • Partnering up with some of the biggest stars in the world, including Canelo Alvarez and Christina Kim


The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has arguably not only changed the way that we live, but also the social and economic issues that we prioritize. 

This has arguably spilled over to the world of competitive sports- which has undergone significant transformations. Nowadays, team members and fans alike seem to emphasize traditional industry standards to a much lower extent, and rather begin to ask external questions relating to the relative activism, altruism, and brand support that certain athletes advocate for.


Generally speaking, sports companies have been linked with non-profit organisations and charities- which sponsor athletes’ sponsorships, for decades. Even though such altruism was always welcomed in the sphere of sports, it seldom tackled the real issues and disparities that persisted within the sports industry. Nowadays, having an apparent adequate value alignment is an essential element of a sufficient marketing-strategy for global sport sponsorships; fans want to know precisely what certain players or brands are doing to acknowledge and altruistically tackle certain societal problems. These can range from very large-scale environmental issues- such as sustainability, to internal indicators of industry prejudice such as gender inequality.


Oahu Golf Apparel (OGA)– a prominent golf clothing company,  has personally undertaken a leading role in tackling the gender inequalities that still persist within its industry. In a male dominated field where the vast majority of sponsorships are retained for male athletes, the Hawaii-based brand is taking massive steps to right its field’s wrongs and provide female athletes with adequate golf apparel and sponsorships. 

Christina Kim Affiliation

The eminent brand has encompassed a variety of golf-star affiliates, including Christina Kim- an American professional golfer that is currently competing on both, the Ladies European Tour (LET), and the The Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) Tour.


‘’I was fortunate enough to be there when she was out here in Hawaii….I walked up to her and just told her what I was all about, we were instantly attracted to each other. She jumped on board and has been an ambassador ever since.’’- Tim Hazelgrove, Founder and CEO of Oahu Golf Apparel on meeting Christina Kim. 


Hazelgrove adopts a holistic approach which tackles a plethora of field-related inequalities and ensures certain gender inequality elements within the golf industry are addressed via a plethora of sponsorships which provide sporting apparel to both genders equally.


For example, the company has shed light on the fact that person’s of certain body weights are heavily discriminated against within the golf industry. This is because most golf clothing apparel is released at a maximum size of 2XL. Any persons requiring any size that is between 3-6 XL will indubitably find themselves struggling to find any qualitative equipment, and where they do they will usually have to purchase that equipment at a much higher price.  


Oahu has tackled this issue as well, contrary to common policy that has been undertaken by the market’s giants- such as Nike, Under Armour, and Matte Grey, OGA has chosen to provide golf apparel that goes all the way up to size 7XL at no extra premium. Regardless of one’s size, the brand believes that no one should be punished on account of their weight.

Encouraging Children to Participate

The altruistic brand’s initiatives aim to allow all young and adolescent children to engage with the fruitful sport of golf without having to necessarily satisfy any social or economic background requirements. Consequently, they are able to pursue a professional career within the sport- if they wish to do so, without having to break the bank to buy any equipment in the process. 


This is an important initiative, as the benefits of competitive sport on children have been well documented. According to Stanford Children’s Health, getting involved with competitive sports from a young age can significantly advance a child’s ability to ‘learn physical and social skills’. 


Tim Hazelgrove agrees, detailing that he believes golf in particular can greatly assist children of all backgrounds as it can provide an international culture of inclusiveness which can: proliferate childrens’ social skills, help them make life-long friendships, and instill noble values within them.

A Final Take

OGA’s altruistic attempts to resolve some of the key social issues mentioned above have not gone unnoticed. As briefly touched on above, consumers are increasingly choosing to significantly value progressive commercial initiatives, and this is arguably reflected in the profound growth that the company has undergone since its formation in 2016.