Meet Warren Buffett | Warren Buffett’s Secret Millionaires Club

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Meet Warren Buffett | Warren Buffett’s Secret Millionaires Club

Published on Mar 17, 2016

The Secret Millionaires Club need to raise money for their school’s New York City trip. The only problem is that they don’t know how they’re going to do it. Luckily for them, they know where the great Warren Buffett eats!

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What is Warren Buffett’s Secret Millionaires Club?

The Secret Millionaires Club is an animated series that features Warren Buffett as a mentor to a group of entrepreneurial kids whose adventures lead them to encounter financial and business problems to solve. The program teaches the basics of good financial decision making and some of the basic lessons of starting a business. The animated series has 26 online short webisodes and TV specials featured on the Kid Genius cable network. The animated series is created by Genius Brands International, Inc.

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Meet Warren Buffett | Warren Buffett's Secret Millionaires Club

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