Meb Faber – Where Are Best Global Values Right Now? [Podcast]

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Meb Faber- Where Are Best Global Values Right Now? via Meb Faber Research

Episode #3: Where are the Best Global Values Right Now?

Guest: Episode #3 has no guest, but is co-hosted by Meb’s co-worker, Jeff Remsburg.

Topics: Is right now a good time to be in U.S. stocks? What about global stocks? Well, the answer in large part depends on the specific market’s valuation. Start investing in an overpriced market and your returns will likely be small. Start in a cheap market, and it’s more likely you’ll enjoy outperformance. So where are we today? And what does it mean for where you should be invested? Meb tells us in this episode, pointing out the most expensive and cheapest markets around the globe. He also asks “What percentage of your stock allocation is in the United States?” Want to know the average answer Meb gets when he asks that question to professional money managers? The answer will surprise you. Find out what it is on podcast #3.

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