Matthew Petersen’s Resignation As FEC Vice Chair: What It Means For You

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Statement from John Pudner, Executive Director of, on the resignation of FEC Vice Chair Matthew Petersen:

“Petersen’s departure, following the end of Goodman’s term, means the group charged with ruling on campaign abuses like this no longer has a quorum to rule on any matter. With the incentive of so many foreign countries to influence the 2020 elections in order to put their interest above those of Americans, I encourage President Trump to fill both the empty Democratic and Republican open seats to put a traffic cop back in place prior to the upcoming elections.”

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The resignation of Federal Election Commission Vice Chairman Matthew Petersen Monday, makes Take Back Action Fund’s (TBAF) FEC victory against Facebook one of the last FEC decisions for the foreseeable future. Even the rare break in the FEC’s partisan divide to side with TBAF and rule that Facebook must reveal who is paying for political ads will no longer be possible since any enforcement requires four votes, and Petersen’s departure leaves three vacancies on the six-member board. TBAF’s sister organization spent months educating the public on the problems with allow anonymous political ads on Facebook, though Facebook continued to argue they should be exempt from the requirements for “Paid for by…” requirement on TV, radio, direct mail, and sign companies. See “FEC to effectively shut down” story here.

Months after losing their attempt to keep political ads anonymous, Mark Zuckerberg took credit during his Congressional testimony for the new transparency.

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